Mario Kart Tour character list: All racers listed and how to unlock new characters explained

The characters in Mario Kart Tour offer a number of familiar faces to those who have played Mario Kart on consoles or handheld devices over the years.

That said, this mobile version has some new additions, like Pauline and musician Mario, as well as changes to how each character choice can give you an advantage.

Instead of just fitting neatly into light, medium, and heavy racers, these characters have their own quirks and a special ability, which you can acquire from item boxes on the track, and can pick up more item boxes depending on the course on the track. let them compete. .

All of this means that having a variety of Mario Kart Tour characters at your disposal will give you an advantage on whatever path the game throws your way.

Last update (October 9): 14 (!) new characters were added to our roster with the arrival of the Tokyo tour, including Rosalina, Peach (Kimono), Mario (Hakama), the Koopalings, and more.

How to unlock characters in Mario Kart Tour

Unlike the handheld and console versions, you unlock Mario Kart Tour characters a little differently. At first, you will only have access to a single character and will have to unlock the rest through various means.

Mario Kart Tour character unlock methods are:

  • Tour Gifts, which unlock as you progress through limited-time tours. These are set and require Tour progression to unlock.
  • The Store, as part of Sets or characters highlighted in the Daily Picks area. These are set and require coins (daily pick) or real world money (sets) to unlock.
  • From Pipes, a gacha system in which you ‘spin’ for a change by unlocking characters, among other elements. This requires the use of Rubies (Mario Kart Tour’s premium currency, earned in-game and purchased with real-world money).

If you’re looking for specific Mario Kart Tour characters, unfortunately your options are limited: it comes down to waiting for them to appear in the Shop or as a Tour gift reward; Otherwise, you’ll have to try your luck spending rubies on pipes.

Mario Kart Tour – Mobile Game Trailer

List of Mario Kart Tour characters

Below is a list of Mario Kart Tour characters as of October 9, of which there are 34 characters in total to unlock:

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