Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds locations and rewards list

Lost Ark Mokoko seeds are a special type of collectible scattered throughout the continents, and while there is no shortage of sprouts, they are usually hidden in hard-to-find areas.

Lost Ark has over 1,200 Mokoko seeds in total and you can redeem them for unique rewards at specific intervals.

Listing all locations is not practical for a single guide; However, we do have examples of the first Mokoko Seed locations you can find, as well as tips for where to find Mokoko Seeds in general, as well as Mokoko Seed rewards to collect as you go. go.

What are Mokoko seeds and how many Mokoko seeds are in the game?

Mokoko seeds are small, round, green seedlings with small stems beginning to sprout at the top.

The game’s description says that a Tortoyk giant sneezed loudly and threw Mokoko Seeds into the world, and while giant snots aren’t usually on the list of highly desirable goods, there is a merchant in Tortoyk who is eager to collect. the 1,209 Mokoko seeds for himself.

All you need to do is find and interact with them, then hold on to the seeds until you reach Mokoko Village in Tortoyk, which won’t happen until you leave your first continent.

Best Ways to Find Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

The problem from here is finding them. Mokoko Seeds are rarely in sight, and almost every map, including cities, has anywhere from five to a dozen or more Seeds to find.

A general guiding principle is that Mokoko seeds are usually around the edge of something, be it a wall, boundary, or other object. For example, some are hidden in the undergrowth on the edges of roads, while others are comfortably located behind a large rock, statue, or something similar.

Others are found in hidden or hard-to-reach places. If there is a place on a map where you can interact with the environment, chances are there will be at least one Mokoko seed nearby.

The small size of Mokoko Seeds means that they are often easy to miss, although the “Interact” message appears when you are near one. A small green seed icon marks their location on your minimap after you find them, and they will light up green once you’ve interacted with them.

You can check how many seeds you have in total, see what your next seed milestone is, and get a breakdown of seed numbers in each region in the “Collectibles” menu under the “Adventure” tab.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, here’s where to find every Mokoko seed in the early Lost Ark maps, up to Saland Hills in Yudia.

Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations

The two next to the cathedral are in a secret room. Head inside towards Father Varut, then turn left and run against the wall. You will enter the hidden area where you can grab the two Mokoko seeds.

Log Hill Mokoko Seed Locations

Some of the Log Hill seeds are a little harder to find and you won’t have full access to the area until you complete a few story missions and your first boss fight.

The one in the middle of the map, for example, is completely hidden by bushes, and the group of two near that one is obscured by a tree near a gap you need to jump over.

Mokoko Seed Locations in Ankumo Mountain

The seed locations in this area are pretty simple, with no special tricks like in Log Hill.

Rethramis Border Mokoko Seed Locations

Rethramis Border is a little more difficult thanks to the environment and a trio of hidden seeds. The Mokoko Seeds blend into the background here and you will often need to zoom in with your mouse to spot them.

All three can be accessed in the blank area of ​​the map by going to the southwest corner of the cemetery and interacting with the environmental marker to climb the cliff. Two seeds are in the back of the area near a nest with broken eggs, and the third is under a tree a little southwest of that nest.

Saland Hills Mokoko Seed Locations

Saland Hills seed collection is also simple. Most of them are hidden behind rocks or other environmental objects, but they are easier to spot in the arid landscape.

Mokoko Seed Reward List

Once you’ve reached Mokoko Village in Tortoyk and have enough Mokoko seeds in your possession, here’s what you’ll get for all your efforts.

  • Totoma card – 50 seeds
  • Kindness Potion – 100 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Request Form: Chicachica – 150 Seeds
  • Potion to increase vitality – 200 seeds
  • Crew Request Form: Cororico – 250 Seeds
  • Stat Boost Potion: 300 seeds
  • Mokamoka Card – 350 seeds
  • Paradise Knight License – 400 seeds
  • 15 Eurus blueprints – 450 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Request Form: Mukomuko – 500 Seeds
  • 3 Shy Windflower Pollen – 550 Seeds
  • 20 Eurus blueprints – 600 seeds
  • Crew Request Form: Poipoi – 650 Seeds
  • Title: Mokoko Hunter – 700 seeds
  • Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument – 750 seeds
  • Transform: Egg of Creation – 800 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Request Form: Kind Paruru – 850 Seeds
  • Background: Moki Toki – 900 seeds
  • Masterpiece #32 – 950 seeds
  • Ship model: Blooming caravel – 1000 seeds
  • Crew Request Form: Narinari – 1050 Seeds
  • Good smell (title) – 1100 seeds
  • Masterpiece #44 – 1150 seeds
  • Mokoko Charm – 1200 seeds
  • Mokoko’s Weird Emoji Pack – 1250 Seeds

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