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As with all LEGO games, LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens is full of hidden Red Bricks that you can use to unlock cheats (some practical, some silly), but they’re all worth taking the time to find and redeem.

There is one in every mission in the game, as well as some that are available to use from the beginning. Remember that to unlock these cheats, you must hold down the character selection, go to the Extras icon and buy them with studs in the menu. If you are short on studs, follow our page on how to farm studs to get the currency you need.

And when you’ve tired of finding Red Bricks, it’s worth turning your attention to finding Carbonite Bricks, which allow you to unlock classic Star Wars characters, from Darth Maul to Yoda.

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The following cheats are available when collecting Red Bricks in the main and side quests:

  • Stud Magnet
  • Quick construction
  • Interact quickly
  • Tacos x8
  • Tacos x2
  • Tacos x6
  • Destroy on contact
  • super slap
  • Tacos x4
  • Regenerative hearts
  • Pick up guide bolts
  • The funk wakes up
  • infinite torpedoes
  • Tacos x10
  • fast force
  • Imperial inaccuracy
  • Regenerating combat bar
  • Super Disco Blasters

The following cheats are available from the beginning of the game:

  • Super detonators
  • Super Dumb Sabers
  • disco sabers
  • screeching voices
  • Collectible detector
  • Dumb torpedoes
  • Super strength

Prologue: The Battle of Endor The first location of the Red Brick is quite simple. In the Endor Shield Generator stage, after blocking the tree multi-build item with Wicket, build a ladder on the left side, where the brick above is.

Chapter 1: Assault on Jakku In the Village Retreat, on the far right, you can build two Stormtrooper Scarecrows. Build each of them and then destroy them to drop the Red Brick.

Chapter 2 – Escape from the Finalizer In the Finalizer Hangar, once you use the droid and take off FN-2187’s helmet, you can build bricks in one of three places. Build the northernmost structure, creating a bridge to the red brick.

Chapter 3 – Niima Outpost At the beginning, in the Niima Outpost area, after sliding to the right under the barrier but before moving the ship down the hill, there is silver debris in the distance outside the area. In Free Play, and with a character who throws explosives like Chewbacca, who can blow him into pieces, causing a Red Brick to parachute down. Nice!

Your reward for exploding silver debris in the distance in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 – The Eravana During the freighter battle, after detonating the silver bricks with explosives with Chewbacca, forcing the monster to retreat, knock down the wall on the right with a rope to grab the brick.

Chapter 5 – Maz’s Castle At the beginning of the level, during the Castle Access section, there is a cracked wall in the front of the castle. Switch to a character while in Free Play mode who can break cracked bricks to obtain the Red Brick.

Chapter 6 – Battle of Takodana During the Takodana Skies section, while flying Poe Dameron’s X-wing, take out the first wave of TIE Fighters, triggering a cutscene showing troop transports arriving and the castle tower being destroyed. Fly over where the tower was and a Red Brick will be waiting for you floating above.

Chapter 7 – The Resistance During the Resistance Hanger section, take the elevator on the right to the upper level (talk to the character nearby to call him) where there is a cracked brick wall. In Free Play, use a character who can open it, then a smaller character to crawl through the vent and get the Brick.

Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage In the initial area of ​​the Starkiller crash site, the Red Brick is located in a cave next to the base gate after jumping from handhold to handhold over the steep drop. To reach it, build the multi-construction on the left and jump on the newly built snowman to grab the railing and move to the right.

Chapter 9 – Destroy Starkiller Base During Rey’s Escape, after getting back together after separating, you reach a dead end and have to create an elevator that goes up. After that, control FN-1824 so you can go up to the upper level, and instead of continuing to climb with a ladder you can create, go right and use the console to open the door on the right. The Stormtroopers will enter the room and after several waves the door will reveal the Red Brick.

Chapter 10: The End You will have to reach this in Free Play to unlock this Red Brick. Before approaching Kylo Ren at the end of the Starkiller Showdown section, go to the lower right side of the area and with a Force user like Luke, roll the snowball to the left and under the brick, where snow will accumulate. and grow, allowing you to perform a double jump and collect your prize.

Epilogue: Luke’s Island After Chewie retracts the vines to allow Rey to swing from pole to pole along the cliff, there is a pile of Dark Side Force debris. In Free Play mode, clear this pile of rubble and then switch to a small character who will crawl through the hole and emerge somewhere else, where the Red Brick awaits.

Return to Free Play to get the Epilogue Red Brick.

Poe to the Rescue In the Hangar Battle area, which takes place after exiting the trash compactor section and entering the opening Hangar Battle corridor, on the left side are a pair of black cans. You can take them out and go through the wall to a hidden room, which is actually Kylo Ren’s bedroom. In Free Play mode, use a Dark Force character (Darth Vader seems appropriate here, right?) to smash each piece of furniture, until the Brick is yours.

Ottegan Assault After the flying section and when you are on Ottegan’s surface, run all the way to the left side to the cracked wall. In Free Play, open the wall using a large character to get the Red Brick.

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Trouble with Taul In the interior area of ​​the Corvette, after the opening hallway and second airlock explode, you need to go down the right hallway. Instead, in Free Play mode, use the terminal on the left, opening a path to a ladder. Head down and to the end of the corridor (be sure to use a Dark Force character like Vader to get some easy minikits in the section) and switch to a cold resistant character to get the Brick.

The Return of Lor San Tekka Play the stage until you reach a canyon where strong winds are blowing. At this point, move forward up the screen, revealing another area you can drop down to to the left. Use a robot like BB-8 on the corner wall panel, powering up the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. She just hits and cuts the controls on the front. It’s more fun if you play two at once, obviously! – until you get three points, rewarding you with a Brick.

Play Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots to get the red brick back from Lor San Tekka.

The Crimson Corsair In the Landing Site section, once you’ve blown up a generator with explosives and see the yellow robot fly out the door, switch to Sidon Ithano and grab the robot up and left to the upper ledge. Walk to the foreground and head to the other side of the area by grappling to the right and then running over the wall. When you go down, destroy the blocks on the right and instead of building a traffic light so the other characters can jump over, build the device on the right side to open the door. Destroy the yellow robot inside to get the Red Brick.

Rathtar Hunting As you climb the cliffs next to the waterfall, Chewie will have to open a wall to reveal a diving board. While jumping, instead of going right, head left to find a hidden passage that will take you to a different area. Walk to the end of this path to find the Red Brick for this level.

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