Know Yourself Test: Your Finger Length Reveals Your True Personality Traits

Know Yourself Test: Your fingers keep many secrets about your personality. Finger length personality test has been found to be accurate in revealing your true behavioral traits, dominant personality traits, IQ level, nature, hidden desires, way of interacting with people and much more. Before we delve into your personality traits based on your finger length, did you know that having a shorter index finger means you were exposed to more testosterone as a fetus in the womb? Let’s now see what the length of your index and ring fingers says about you.

What does the length of your fingers say about your personality?

What does the length of your fingers say about your personality?

#1 Index finger longer than ring finger Personality

Index finger longer than ring finger Personality

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, then your personality traits reveal that you possess exceptional leadership qualities. You are resourceful, intelligent, confident, far-sighted, goal-oriented, level-headed and analytical. You are good at giving advice and motivating people in a constructive way. You will not make a decision on a whim. You will observe, process and analyze facts and situations to reach a conclusion. They often admire you for leading the way. You may also notice that your actions have a great impact on people.

Key Personality Traits: Leadership, resourceful, intelligent, confident, forward-thinking, goal-oriented, analytical.

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#2 Index finger and ring finger Personality of equal length

Index finger and ring finger of equal length PersonalityIf your index finger and ring finger are the same length, then your personality traits reveal that you can lead a well-organized, faithful, and balanced life. You may be affectionate and emit warmth. People may tell you that you are a good listener and also empathetic. You may find joy in helping others. People may also tell you that they find your company peaceful, nurturing, and comfortable. They may feel appreciated and recognized in your presence, have people told you that? You may notice that many of your friends, family, and even strangers trust you and share their deepest secrets with you.

Key Personality Traits: Well organized, faithful, caring, good listener, empathetic, peaceful, loving, leads a balanced life.

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#3 Ring finger longer than index finger Personality

Ring finger longer than index finger PersonalityIf your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then your personality traits reveal that you can be calculating, pragmatic, and rational. You can approach problems and situations strategically. You may be very confident in yourself, even if you walk with humility. You may not be easily affected by a problem or difficulty. You may be resilient. However, you may not rest until you have solved a certain problem at hand. You may possess high levels of IQ and emotional intelligence. Consider setbacks as a springboard to new milestones. You can also be quite popular with the opposite sex. You may have a playful and addictive personality. Studies have noted that men with longer ring fingers tend to be approachable and likable.

Key personality traits: Calculating, pragmatic, rational, resilient, high IQ, high emotional intelligence, playful, addictive.

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