Is All My Life Based on a True Story? Plot, Cast, Summary, Trailer and More

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“My Life” is a movie released in 2020. This is a romantic drama film directed by Mark Meyers and written by Todd Rosenberg. The film is based on the true story of Solomon Chow and Jennifer Carter, a young couple who had to quickly plan their wedding when Solomon was diagnosed with liver cancer.

The film’s main cast includes Jessica Lord, Harry Shum Jr., Kyle Allen, Chrissy Feit, Jay Farrow, Marielle Scott and Keira Settle you.

The film was premiered by Universal Pictures in the UK on October 23, 2020, and subsequently released in the United States on December 4, 2020. Critics liked the actors’ performances and their chemistry, but some thought the story was a little too predictable or cliche.

The movie had a budget of $25 million but grossed about $2 million at the box office.

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Is My Life Based on a True Story?

Yes, “My Life” is a movie based on a true story. This is not just a fictional Hollywood story; this is a true love story about Solomon Chow and Jennifer Carter. Their story began when Sol proposed to Jenn in a special way and they planned to get married on August 21, 2015. But things took a sad turn when Sol developed liver cancer and they had to postpone the wedding to April 11, 2015, because they knew Sol didn’t have much time left.

Their situation was indeed difficult, but many people, including their friends, family, and even strangers, came together to help them. They raised more than $50,000 online to fund the wedding. Saul fought a hard battle with cancer and their community supported them through the most difficult time.

In a letter about the “My Life” movie, Jennifer Carter expressed how grateful she was to share their story with the world. Their story tells the story of the love between two ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. This is a story about choosing love and support over fear when life gets really hard.

Even though he was sick, Sol always had a smile on his face and cared about everyone around him. He shows how to make the most of life’s challenges. In their time of need, people from all over the world gave back the love they received. The film “My Life” is a tribute to their inspiring stories.


Plot synopsis of my life·······

“My Life” tells the story of a woman named Jenn and a man named Sol who meet friends at a bar. They develop a good relationship and decide to live together. Saul dreams of becoming a chef, but they face financial problems, so he keeps his job.

They were having Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and Saul felt weird but ignored it. Later, he proposed to Jane with a song they liked. Saul started working at Jean’s cousin’s restaurant. But one night he woke up in pain and they discovered he had a tumor. They hope doctors can fix the problem.

After some tests, the doctor said Saul was fine and they started planning their wedding. But later, they discovered the cancer had spread. They decided to get married quickly with the help of friends and strangers. Saul’s friend Kyle also fell ill and missed part of the wedding. Saul told Jane to move on with her life because of the side effects of his treatment. But she stayed with him and they got married.

Later, they learned the cancer had spread even more. They prepared for Saul’s death and wrote his eulogy. After Saul died, Jenn went to a restaurant/bar called Now or Never and talked about him. She gets a surprise gift from Saul, a video thanking her for their time together. Thanks to Saul’s inspiration, Jane decided to live to this day.

My life cast

The following table lists the cast of All My Life:



Jessica Rotter

Jennifer Carter

Harry Zen Jr.

Solomon “Saul” Week

Kyle Allen

Kyle Campbell, one of Saul’s best friends

chris fit

Amanda Fletcher, one of Jen’s friends

Jay Pharaoh

Dave Berger, one of Saul’s best friends

Marielle Scott

Megan Denhoff, one of Jenn’s best friends

Molly Hagen

Hope, Jen’s Mom

Joseph Poliquin

Brian, chemotherapy patient

Keira Settlement

Viv Lawrence, barista

Michael Matheny

Peter Orr

Greg Wassos

Chef Neil Snyder

Ever Carradine

Gigi Carter

Mario Cantone

Jerome Patterson, wedding venue manager

Josh Brener

Eric Bronet

Anjali Bhimani

Mina White

Jon Rudnitsky

Chris, bartender

Dan Butler

Dr. Alan Mendelson

Lulu Sherry

prep cook

Introduction to my life

Jennifer Carter and Solomon Chow are a happy, loving couple who recently got engaged and are excited to start a life together. They dreamed of a beautiful summer wedding. However, their plans took a heartbreaking turn when Solomon was told he had terminal liver cancer. Suddenly, the idea of ​​a summer wedding seems impossible because time is running out.

Faced with the devastating news, their friends and family came together to formulate an extraordinary plan. Despite the challenges presented by Solomon’s illness, they wanted to ensure that Jennifer and Solomon could still have the wedding they had always dreamed of. It’s an inspiring journey to help this couple realize their dream wedding and bring hope and love to their difficult circumstances.

Where can I watch “My Life”?

The movie All My Life is available to watch on Prime Video. Prime Video is an online streaming platform where you can rent or buy movies and TV shows to watch on your computer, tablet, or smart TV. To watch “All My Life,” you’ll need to have a Prime Video account and rent or purchase movies from the platform. It’s a convenient way to watch this deeply moving film from the comfort of your own home, and you can watch it anytime with a Prime Video subscription.

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