Ice Storm In The US Leave Thousands Without Power In Texas, Check Details Here

US airlines have canceled more than 2,300 flights, with Dallas and Austin airports hardest hit due to a deadly ice storm in the southern United States since Monday. The storm disrupted travel and caused widespread power outages in Texas.

Dozens of car accidents were recorded on slippery roads due to the deadly weather. Six were declared dead. It has been forecast that freezing rain and ice accumulations are expected across the region through Thursday.

More than 340,000 people were reportedly without power as of Wednesday night in Texas, with nearly half of the outages occurring in and around the city of Austin.

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Full video update; but simply put, we’re in for a multi-day, multi-round winter storm, with improvements starting Wednesday (through Thursday).


— Texas Storm Chasers (@TxStormChasers)
January 30, 2023

How did this ice storm start?

  • According to the National Weather Service, the “prolonged and significant” ice storm continued across much of the southern and central Plains.
  • The ice storm has brought freezing rain and sleet to the south-central United States.
  • It has been spreading from Tennessee to Texas since Monday.
  • Dallas, Fort Worth, Little Rock and Memphis were under an ice storm that alerted more than 12 million people.
  • The agency warned that due to heavy rain, parts of Texas, as well as Louisiana and northern Georgia, could experience flash flooding on Thursday.
  • This storm is the result of a cold Arctic frontal passage moving south, where it faces warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The storm began Monday as part of “several rounds” of expected winter precipitation through Wednesday in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee.

The effects of the ice storm

  • Schools were canceled in both Dallas and Memphis on Wednesday due to dangerous road conditions.
  • Winter weather delayed the start of the Memphis funeral for Tire Nichols, the man who died last month after being beaten by police officers.
  • There were several emergency crews in Texas responding to hundreds of collision calls since Monday, including some fatal ones.
  • A 49-year-old woman also died while driving on an icy road north of Eldorado, Texas officials told CNN.
  • Several local police departments have urged motorists to drive with caution. The Dallas Police Department asked people to make sure their tires are inflated, slow down on icy roads and avoid using cruise control.

I spent a week in January 2023. #Minnesota blizzard and now I’m here in the #TexasFreeze. Both my Minnesota boyfriend and I agree that this Texas freeze is infinitely worse. Give me 2 feet of snow on 2 inches of pure ice ANY day.

—Chelsea Simms (@WineAboutLaw)
February 2, 2023

What did officials say about the ice storm?

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott also asked motorists to “stay off the roads if possible.”
  • Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared a state of emergency due to the icy conditions.

“The power grid itself is running very efficiently as we speak right now, and there are not anticipated to be any challenges to the power grid in the state of Texas,” Abbott said. “It’s important to remember that local outages are no reason to say there is a problem with the power grid.”

Today’s scene in Austin, Texas.

-Shane Ware (@shanew21)
February 2, 2023

Ice Storm: Conclusion

Winter weather brought ice to a wide swath of the United States, leaving more than 250,000 customers without power in Texas on Wednesday morning. Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed on Tuesday and Wednesday, while icy conditions on roads paralyzed traffic and caused numerous accidents. At least eight deaths in Texas are attributed to the storm.

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