How to complete The Only Way Out’s ‘meet the people of the Bazaar’ objective in Dying Light 2

Meeting the people of the Bazaar is a sub-goal in the opening story mission The Only Way Out in Dying Light 2.

The objective is the first one you’ll encounter once you’ve completed the prologue and reached the open world, allowing you to meet vendors for the first time and introduce yourself to supporting characters.

It’s also where you can start the first of Dying Light 2’s side quests, if you prefer.

In our experience, how to complete this initial objective was confusing, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, this page may help you.

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How to complete The Only Way Out’s ‘meet the people at the Bazaar’ objective in Dying Light 2

The objective is seemingly quite simple: it allows you to explore the Bazaar, a hub of sorts within the region, which acts as a way to introduce you to vendors and supporting characters.

However, no matter how many people you talk to, for us the goal was not met.

Here’s a simple solution if you’re stuck: you need to leave the Bazaar and continue exploring the world. Once you start walking away from the Bazaar, Hakon will call out to you and give you the next objective inside The Only Way Out.

Whether this is intentional or a bug we don’t know, but in short, unlike previous objectives which have a “mission area” and will progress automatically when completed, this one does not.

If when you walk away from the Bazaar it doesn’t end with Hakon giving you a call, then you may need to talk to a certain number of people inside the Bazaar first. For us, we interact with the following:

  • Lena (by the ramp leading to the upper floor near the entrance)
  • Urban (bartender next to the ground floor)

  • Acab (next to the Merchant)
  • Retaking the secondary missions of Carlos (The Spark of Invention) and Julian (Greetings)

  • The interactable ‘quest giver’ on the missing persons bulletin board, outside by the door
  • The merchant and artisan sellers

Looking for more help? We’ve got system explanations for cross-play and how to play co-op, as well as how long it takes to beat Dying Light 2. For upgrades, there are factions to consider, our recommendations for the best skills, and how to get XP quickly. As for things to find, there are inhibitor locations, windmill locations, and our explainer on how to unlock fast travel. Finally, we also explain how to complete the objective of meeting the people of the Bazaar and the different endings of Dying Light 2.

Try the above and hopefully it should work for you. We also completed Spark of Invention before advancing beyond the Bazaar, so completing that, or one of the two side quests, might be an additional requirement.

Once this is done, you can now continue the story!

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