How to complete the Extreme Biome Makeover quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Extreme Biome Makeover quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the second quest you’ve received from Vanellope von Schweetz and it’s all about helping her feel more at home in the valley. No candy trees, no racetracks, no racing karts…yet.

As with many quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, this one will require more than just Vanellope to complete. You will need to have some coins saved, a little patience and a pinch of creativity.

Without further ado, we will show you how to complete the Extreme Biome Makeover quest.

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How to Start the Extreme Biome Makeover Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the Extreme Biome Makeover quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to have unlocked Vanellope and joined her to your valley, then increase your friendship with her to level two. You also need to have Remy and Wall-E as they are important later in this mission.

When you’ve met these requirements, simply go and talk to Vanellope, who will automatically lead the conversation.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Vanellope and the player talking at Vanellope's house.
Does anyone else love Vanellope’s house? | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

She’ll inform you that she’s surprised you don’t have a candy biome in your valley and she’s on a mission to change that! This marks the official start of the Extreme Biome Makeover quest.

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How to complete the Extreme Biome Makeover quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After expressing her shock at the lack of candy in your valley, Vanellope will give you 10 Candy Cane Seeds. You then need to go and plant these seeds just like you would a normal seed. Candy Cane Sprouts only take a minute to grow.

Disney Dreamlight Valley harvesting candy cane sprouts.
That’s something you don’t see every day. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

When the Candy Cane Sprouts have grown, collect all ten of them and bring them to Vanellope. When you do, she’ll turn them into candy cane trees. In addition to this, she will also give you giant lollipops and a fancy sugar cookie pavement pattern.

Decorate Vanellope’s house

Now you need to decorate Vanellope’s house to make her feel more like home. You may need to move Vanellope’s house by going into the furniture menu and selecting her house to give yourself more room to decorate.

Then, to complete this task, you need to decorate Vanellope’s house with:

  • x50 Deluxe Sugar Cookie Pavement
  • x5 candy cane trees
  • x5 giant lollipops

Now, Vanellope has given you far more resources than you need so that you can decorate her house more elaborately if you wish. If you just want to pass the mission, the important thing is to hit the checklist above. Also, the quest says to use the pavement to make a racing track, but for now we use them as normal road decoration.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a player shows off the candy cane trees outside Vanellope's house.
Did we move everything after taking this photo? Yes we did. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

Once you’re happy with your decoration, head back to Vanellope and talk to her again.

He will then say that it looks great, but the “race track” is missing a vital component: the race car. That’s right, you’re going to make a replica of Vanellope’s Sugar Rush Kart from Wreck-It Ralph!

Recreates Vanellope’s Sugar Rush kart

Vanellope will then give you a magical ‘spicy sugar syrup’, which is an important component when you go baking the parts for your Kart later on. Yes, you read that right, you are going to bake the pieces of Vanellope’s Kart in a cooking station, so your first task is to gather the ingredients.

Here’s a list of the other ingredients you’ll need for Vanellope’s Kart and where you can get them:

  • x6 wheat – Buy the item or the seeds to grow it from Goofy in Peaceful Meadow.
  • x5 sugar cane – Buy the item or the seeds to grow it from Goofy in Dazzle Beach.
  • x4 eggs – Buy it at Chez Remy, all four will cost 880 coins.
  • x1 Milk – Buy it at Chez Remy, the box will cost 230 coins.
  • x2 Butter – Buy it from Chez Remy, both items will cost 380 coins.

Once you have everything, go to the cooking station you want. When you’re there, open your cookbook (on Xbox, this is the “Y” button).

When you’re in the recipe menu, select the ‘Quest’ tab and you should see three recipes here. These are all the components of Vanellope’s Kart.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a player dressed as a chef stands at a cooking station looking at recipes for Vanellope's kart parts.
Ignore our clutter in the corner, we’re fixing a storage issue… | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

Here’s the recipe for a Sugar Kart seat:

  • x1 Sugar Rush Seat Candy
  • wheat x1
  • x1 Milk
  • x1 Butter

You only need to do one of these.

Here is the recipe for a Sugar Kart Tail:

  • x1 Sugar tail candy
  • wheat x1
  • x1 sugar cane
  • x1 Butter

disney dreamlight valley sugar rush kart tail full plate
Uh…interesting. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

You also only need to do one of these.

Here’s the recipe for a Sugar Kart wheel:

  • x1 Candy in the shape of a sugar wheel
  • Wheat X1
  • x1 sugar cane
  • egg x1

You need to do four of these.

When you’ve crafted all these components, take them back to Vanellope. Talk to her again and you will find out that there are a few more things you need to get.

Gather e-waste and go-kart glue

After speaking with Vanellope again, you will learn that you need electronic parts for the interior of the Kart to make it work and something to hold it all together.

This is where Wall-E and Remy come in. The first thing you have to do is go to Wall-E’s house (it doesn’t matter if they are inside or not, the only problem will be if they are sleeping). ).

When you are in Wall-E’s house, search and collect the following items (they will be shiny bits on the floor):

  • x3 e-waste
  • power supply x2

Disney Dreamlight Valley Biome Extreme Makeover Finding the Wall-E House
I feel like this might be illegal. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

Once you’ve done this, go find Remy. When you do, she talks to him and continues the conversation until she finally gives you glue.

Once you have this, go back to Vanellope once more and talk to her again to hand over the pieces to her. She will then inform you that it will take her a while to put the Kart together and this marks the end of the Extreme Biome Makeover quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley player giving e-waste to Vanellope
Ralph made it look so easy, how many more pieces do we need? | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

Ugh, that was quite a search. We hope you enjoy your adventures in your valley!

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