How to complete Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2

Gaze Amaze is one of several King’s Fall Raid challenges in Destiny 2.

This optional challenge takes place during the Golgoroth boss fight, near the midpoints of the King’s Fall Raid, and puts additional stress on your fireteam coordination, but if you and your team are up to the task, there will be double. rewards waiting for you after defeating the boss.

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What is Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2?

Completing the Gaze Amaze challenge requires gaze wielders to stand in a pool of light when their gaze is removed from Golgoroth.

Two Gaze Bearers will take turns holding the Gaze of Golgoroth, so they must be the ones to coordinate the change. Everyone else will deal damage to the boss as usual.

This must happen every time the Gaze of Golgoroth is exchanged, and a single failure means the challenge has failed.

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Tips for completing Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2

Golgoroth is the second boss of King’s Fall and divides your team into two roles. During the damage phase, a group of four Guardians focus on damaging the boss, while two players take turns holding their gaze. The surprised gaze requires the player holding Golgoroth’s gaze to be standing in the pool of light when the other gaze holder steals the gaze.

This requires only a minimal change in the responsibilities of the Gaze holder. As the timer approaches zero, the player holding the gaze jumps into the pool of light with the rest of the team. The other Gaze holder takes the Gaze and then does the same as the timer approaches zero. Do this for every trade every time and the challenge will be completed as soon as the boss drops.

It’s not a particularly complex challenge, but there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the people who deals damage to the boss will explode with Unstable Light. Make sure you pay attention to which member of the fire team it is and avoid them.

Small amounts of voice chat delay and network latency can add up to a second or more, so it’s best to enter the light group with at least a few seconds to spare. A little wiggle room can make the difference between success and failure.

For the former Gaze holder standing in the pool of light, don’t be afraid to take a few shots at Golgoroth while you’re there. Every little damage helps, just take enough time to return to the upper area and steal the Gaze again.

If you want help on another part of the raid, check out our complete King’s Fall guide.

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