How the Renown System works in Diablo 4

As you complete open-world objectives and activities in Diablo 4, you not only progress through the usual XP, gold, and loot gains, but also by gaining renown.

Each region of the DIablo 4 world has a set of rewards up for grabs by participating and completing various activities to earn renown.

Below you will learn how to increase your renown, as well as the various rewards that come with increasing your renown within each of the game’s regions.

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How to increase your renown in Diablo 4

As mentioned, you gain renown by completing various activities in Diablo 4.

These activities include much of the game’s open world and side content, and as you complete them you will earn a certain amount of renown as detailed below:

  • Landmarks: 20 Renown
  • Strengths – 100 Renown
  • Side quests: 20 renown
  • Discovered Areas: 5 Renown
  • Secondary Dungeons: 30 Renown
  • Lilith Altars – 10 Renown

Completing each of these activities increases your total renown for that particular region and unlocks rewards as you progress; You can track progress towards your current level through the screen shown in the image below.

The screen showing the five reward levels and six types of activities that contribute to your total renown.

To view this tab, simply open the map and you will see a button/key next to a checklist at the top of the screen.

The checklist displayed at the top of the map screen with the message “View Rewards” to open the Renown screen.

However, you can only see this screen for a region if you’ve been to that region, so you won’t be able to see the number of activities per region until you’ve been there at least once.

Rewards and Renown Requirements in Diablo 4

Earning Renown within each of these Diablo 4 regions adds up to points for completing each activity, and when certain thresholds are reached, a selection of rewards are available to purchase.

Through this additional rewards track, you will unlock various rewards including capacity upgrades for Potions and Obols, as well as extra Skill and Paragon points to spend; Each region has a set of five reward packs to acquire.

The rewards for each of these regions are the same and are divided into two unlock categories: character-based and kingdom-based.

The first three reward levels and the key to the two types of rewards.

Character-based rewards will apply to the character you are currently using, while kingdom-based rewards will apply to all characters you have on that particular kingdom.

Below are the rewards you can earn at each Renown level: character-based rewards are marked with a ‘1’ and kingdom-based rewards are marked with a ‘2’.

Please note that the fourth and fifth set of rewards require you to have unlocked World Tier 3 in order to claim them. It should also be noted that while the rewards are the same per region, the required Renown Points may differ slightly; However, in our experience so far, they are all the same.

Level Requirement/Renown Points Rewards
Level 1 Renown XP bonus (1)+ 3000 gold (1)+ 1 skill point (2)
Level 2 Renown XP Bonus (1)+ 10,000 Gold (1)+1 Potion Capacity (2)
Level 3 Renown XP bonus (1)+ 25,000 gold (1)+ 1 skill point (2)
Level 4 Renown Requires world level 3 unlock

XP Bonus (1)+60,000 Gold (1)+80 Maximum Gold (2)

Level 5 Renown Requires world level 3 unlock

XP Bonus (1)+ 150,000 Gold (1)+ 4 Paragon Points (2)

Each time you meet the requirements for one of these levels, the points you previously earned will not carry over to the next level; instead, they will start from scratch again, although you will still be able to see the overall total by region. on the Renown or Map screens.

The total recognition you’ve earned for a region is displayed in its checklist at the top of the screen when you view that region on the map.

This means that after earning 200 Renown and completing the first level, to unlock the second level of rewards, you will need to acquire another 300 Renown, then 400 for the third level, and so on for each subsequent level of rewards.

Still, since it requires completing much of the game’s side content across all five regions, completing the campaign, and unlocking World Tier 3, it’s safe to say it’s a considerable time investment if you’re looking to max out each of these Renown ranks. and acquire their associated rewards.

One of the realm-based skill point rewards that is recognized through a pop-up after being acquired.

Once you have earned enough renown for a level, you can earn its rewards.

To do this, open the renown screen from the map and click the “Claim” button for the completed level; Levels are marked with a green checkmark once you have completed them and acquired their rewards.

Additionally, once you have passed the threshold of a level, you will be able to see the renown points required for the next level.

The “Claim” button after you surpass the threshold of a Renown level to obtain your reward.

If you’re looking to unlock World Tier 3 and pick up the fourth and fifth set of Renown rewards, be sure to check out our explainer on World Tiers in Diablo 4, or if you’re figuring out which class and build is best, check out our Tier List of class.

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