Happy New Year 2023: How is New Year celebrated across the world?

Happy New Year 2023: A New Year is a celebration with joy and a time to start new beginnings. On this day, people dress up in beautiful outfits and visit each other’s houses, express wishes and gather together.

The Gregorian calendar has become valid throughout the world. According to this calendar; Almost all countries in the world celebrate New Year with an interval of 364/365 days on January 1 every year.

There are different beliefs and methods regarding the celebration of the New Year in different countries. In this article we will learn about the interesting traditions and events associated with New Year celebrations in some of the selected countries of the world.

1. Russia

In Russia, people write their wishes on a piece of paper on New Year’s Eve and burn them. After this, the ashes from the burnt paper are mixed with champagne and the applicant drinks it. In Russia there is a belief that wishing in this way will motivate them to achieve their goals next year.

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Here on New Year’s Eve, people eat a spoonful of lentils and keep a coin in the sole of their shoes. The belief behind this is that they will receive money at every step of the New Year.

It is believed that they will receive wealth during the next twelve months of the year. Some brave people spend New Year’s Eve at the cemeteries of their loved ones.

Eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight

3. Denmark

Here people follow a strange method to express love for their neighbors. They break glasses and plates at the doors of their neighborhood. Some people even stand on chairs and jump at exactly 12 o’clock on New Year’s Eve.


Here people burn effigies of politicians and also people they don’t like. The logic behind this ritual is to get rid of the negative energies of the previous year. Similar programs are organized in Paraguay, Colombia and Panama.

Those who do not burn the effigies of politicians hide the money in the compound of their houses so that they can achieve wealth next year.

effigy burning at midnight

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5. Philippines

Here people wear clothes with polka dots and keep coins in their pockets. In the Philippines, round-shaped objects are considered to symbolize prosperity. They also eat round-shaped objects such as pineapple, orange, guava, etc. on New Year’s Eve.

new year philippines

6. Germany

On New Year’s Eve, the Germans melt the pieces of lead and throw them into the water. When it takes shape when it cools, they interpret the future by the shapes thus obtained. In this way they interpret the events of the coming year.

melt some lead in a spoon

7. Greece

The Greeks sing Christmas carols on New Year’s Eve. Children receive money from their elders and neighbors after singing New Year’s carols. When the countdown to the New Year begins, they turn off all the lights so that the New Year can begin on a new note.

In some parts of Greece there is a tradition of eating Vasilopita (a kind of cake). They hide coins in the cake. The New Year is considered lucky for whoever receives the coin in their piece of cake.

eating vasilopita

8. South Africa

On New Year’s Eve in South Africa, people throw old furniture, clothes and appliances such as television, radio, etc. out of their homes. Here people prefer to start the New Year with new things.

throw furniture from the window

9. Spain

In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries there is a tradition of eating twelve grapes on New Year’s Eve. Here people like to eat a grape with each stroke of the midnight bell, which means good luck for the next twelve months.

12 grapes at midnight


In Cuba it is believed that if you get the travel bug, you should walk around your house at midnight with a suitcase in hand on New Year’s Eve. They believe that one has ample opportunities to travel after performing this ritual. Some people clean their houses at night and throw water out of the windows.

11. Brazil

Brazilians wear all-white clothing on New Year’s Eve to get rid of evil spirits. Some people in Brazil follow the practice of diving in the seven waves of the sea during the first week of the New Year and also throw flowers into the sea.

Wear all white clothes on New Year's Eve.

Also in India, the New Year is celebrated in a big way. Here, young people organize parties where everything from cakes to liqueurs is served. In India, some people make promises in the form of New Year’s resolutions, such as quitting smoking or drinking, taking care of their health, or abstaining from immoral activities.

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