GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release time, download size explained

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition marks the return of three classic games in the series (GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas) to modern platforms.

Two decades after GTA 3 debuted on PS2 in 2001, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition brings each game visual enhancements, such as improved lighting, high-resolution textures and draw distances, and revamped controls.

This page will cover the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release time, as well as the possible download size, so you know how much space you need to make on your hard drive ahead of time.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Trailer

When is GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition released? GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release time explained in UK/GMT, CEST, EST and PST

Update (3pm UK time): And we’re live! Here are some guides for each game that might come in handy in the coming days and weeks:

GTA 3:

GTA Vice City:

GTA San Andreas:

Original Report: GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release date is Thursday, November 11. The release time is the same for all regions and platforms and is as follows:

  • United Kingdom: 15:00 (GMT)
  • Europe: 4:00 p.m. (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 10 am (EST)
  • US West Coast: 7am (PST)

These times also apply to any titles that are released individually, such as GTA: San Andreas on Xbox Game Pass.

Rockstar has said that it is aware that the countdown timers on the PlayStation Store may be inaccurate, so if GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition does not unlock on PlayStation, then you should wait until the times above.

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas appear in the Definitive Edition trilogy. Which one will you play first?

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Download Size

In case you’re wondering about the download size of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, estimates vary.

The official Xbox listing mentions an “approximate size” of 21.85 GB, while PlayStationSize Twitter Account has confirmed that the three titles will occupy a combined 38.7 GB on PlayStation 4.

The breakdown of each individual title, as well as its comparison to the originals, is as follows. Needless to say, the Definitive Edition additions have seen file sizes increase significantly in some cases, with San Andreas jumping from 3.3GB on PS2 to 22.68GB on PS4:

🚨 Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Size VS Original Version (OV: PS2 Version on PS4)

🟧 GTA III🔹O: 1,569 GB🔹DE: 5,293 GB

🟩GTA Vice City🔹O: 2,392 GB🔹DE: 10,768 GB

⬛ GTA San Andreas🔹O: 3,230 GB🔹DE: 22,679 GB

🟨 #GTALaTrilogy

— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) November 3, 2021

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Other platforms may vary in size, especially Switch, and please note that since you can download titles individually on some services, their respective download sizes will be smaller than the combined sizes above.

Also, please note that download sizes may vary between now and the full release in case any patch is released in between.

That’s everything you need to know to jump into GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition!

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