GCHQ Christmas Card Puzzle 2022: What Is It? And How To Play It?

The UK intelligence and security organization commonly known as GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), has published its annual Christmas card puzzle for Christmas 2022.

The 2022 #GCHQChristmaspuzzle features seven tricky puzzles based on the seven disciplines of language, engineering, code-breaking, analysis, arithmetic, coding and cybersecurity, all of which are crucial competencies GCHQ needs to help keep the nation.

Aside from the seven riddles, there’s a major twist to this year’s Christmas card riddle. Once all seven puzzles have been solved, players must use their creativity to put the solutions together and create three *what3words locations using the Christmas tree shown on the front of the card.

The three place names will then need to be joined together to form GCHQ’s unique festive response.

馃摚 Teachers, the #GCHQChristmasChallenge is coming back!

We will once again present high school and college students with a series of tricky puzzles. And this year there is a special twist…

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December 1, 2022

The Christmas card was sent to all GCHQ partners in the UK and other nations around the world who help the organization combat threats.

The card was also sent to schools and universities and was also made available to the general public to try and test their intelligence against the intelligence agency’s in-house puzzle developers.

But first, what is the GCHQ Christmas Card Puzzle 2022?

GCHQ is a UK intelligence and security organization that provides intelligence to the UK government and military.

The intelligence agency has published a series of seven puzzles aimed at school and university students interested in science, technology and engineering. The puzzle has been developed by the in-house puzzle team and is a tough nut to crack.

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The GHCQ publishes the card to test how well the general public can fare against the agency’s masterminds.

The GCHQ 2022 Christmas Card Puzzle

The riddle appears on the official GCHQ Christmas card, which was sent by the organisation’s director, Sir Jeremy Fleming. Here is the 2022 GCHQ Christmas card puzzle.

Can you solve it? Give it a try.


Source: gchq.gov.uk | The 2022 Christmas Card Puzzle created by GCHQ In-House Puzzles.

The agency has also revealed the solution to the Christmas Card puzzle. We’ve attached the solution below, but be sure to try solving the puzzle yourself without looking at the answers.

GCHQ 2022 Christmas Card Puzzle: Solution

This year’s GCHQ Christmas Card Puzzle features seven different puzzles based on the seven disciplines of language, engineering, code breaking, analysis, arithmetic, coding and cyber security.

Try the puzzle and test your wits against the intelligence agency’s top minds.


Source: gchq.gov.uk | Solution to Christmas Card Puzzle 2022 created by GCHQ.

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*What3words is an application that can locate any location with a resolution of approximately 3 meters.

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