Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle locations – where to search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges and caves

Fortnite Puzzle Piece Locations

Although you only need to find a total of seven puzzle pieces, there are more to find on the map to make the search a little easier.

Here are 10 puzzle piece locations we’ve found so far, more than enough to complete the challenge:

Fortnite Puzzle Piece Locations Map

Puzzle pieces, because they are hidden under bridges or caves, can’t always be spotted from the battle bus, so you’ll need to have specific locations in mind and drop into the right areas and then search on foot.

Here’s a closer look at all the puzzle piece locations we’ve found so far:

Bridge over the river southeast of Shifty Shafts, on the west side near the rock steps:

Bridge over the river northwest of Lucky Landing, on the shore and next to the column on the west side below:

North side of the desert, on the west side of the bridge next to the Pirate Camp:

South of the desert, under the bridge that borders the river:

Tilted Towers, in the underpass next to the clock tower to the south, with the piece hidden next to the parked truck:

In a cave east of Tilted Towers, just south of the waterfall, looking west:

South of the Block, in the umbrella-shaped hole in the ground, where there is a cave on the south side to explore:

West of Happy Hamlet, in the “still cave”, which is a hole in the ground surrounded by trees to the right of quadrant B9. It is next to the interior refrigerator:

Shifty Shafts, in the underground area. Enter from the northeast, go down the stairs and turn right, and you will find a niche there:

Northwest of Fatal Fields, in the knife-and-fork-shaped hole in the ground, Quadrant F8. Specifically go to the handle of the fork and turn towards the knife; Break through a wall of wood panels to find a small tunnel that links the two, and it’s on the floor to the right:

Northeast of Fatal Fields is a rock formation, directly diagonally up and to the right of the ‘S’ in Fatal Fields on the map. If you approach from the south, you can enter and find the location of a puzzle piece to the right.

Also east of Fatal Fields is a rock arch just beyond a sunken part of the map (it’s directly to the right of the S in Fatal Fields). Below is the location of the puzzle piece.

Southeast of Salty Springs is a small bridge between a network of trails. Under the westernmost column is a puzzle piece location.

Lazy Lagoon has a puzzle piece location in a cave next to the entire collection of buildings on the east side. Search along the edge of the cliff in the middle of town until you find several planks in the rock. Turn around and you will see a bear in a hammock. Knock down the boards on the right to find the location of the puzzle piece.

To the southeast of the volcano there is a small temple at the base of the mountain. Inside the shallow entrance is a puzzle piece location.

Lonely Lodge has a rock formation on the middle/western side of the named location. You’ll find the location of the puzzle piece on the north side of the puzzle, in a small cave in the rock.

It’s worth noting that these locations will likely be quite busy, particularly areas where there are plenty of other buildings nearby that players can loot as they go, so it might be best to just collect what you can as you play and explore naturally, and dust off. the latest ones later in the week.

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