Fortnite Falcon Scout locations and how to use it

The Falcon Scout is a new item added to Fortnite during Chapter 4 Season 1.

The Falcon Scout can be extremely useful in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, as it allows you to scout forward, ping enemies, and even pick up fallen teammates.

Here we explain where to find the Falcon Scout and how to use it to gain an advantage over your enemies.

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Where to find the Falcon Scout in Fortnite?

The Falcon Scout can be found in normal chests, supply drops, on the ground, and in sworn chests. From experience, sworn chests are the best way to get here. They generally appear in certain places. The Citadel, Shattered Slabs, and Faulty Divisions are particularly good places to search for Oathbreasts.

Here’s a map from meetlootllama on Reddit showing where all the Oathbound chests can potentially spawn in Fortnite:

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Look for these large white chests while exploring named locations. These chests drop Ex-Caliber Rifles, Shockwave Hammers, and sometimes the Falcon Scout item. A great way to get a Falcon Scout is to kill an enemy using one. You’ll hear them when they’re in the area, and you’ll even be able to see the scout marked on your crosshairs if you have “Display Sound” turned on.

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How to use the Falcon Scout in Fortnite

Once you have the Falcon Scout equipped, simply press the fire button to deploy it. From there, you’re basically controlling a drone. You can’t move your character while doing this, so be sure to take cover before deploying the scout. These are the main controls:

  • Left stick – move explorer
  • Right stick: move the camera
  • Press the left stick – speed increase
  • RT/R2: Search for enemies
  • Left directional input: ping/place marker
  • Y/triangle – Pick up/drop objects
  • B/circle – exit scan mode

The Falcon Scout’s two main functions are searching for enemies and the ability to pick up and drop objects. Searching for enemies essentially releases a large sphere and marks enemies within it. You can pick up items like weapons and healing items using the scout and then drop them closer to you. Downed players can also be picked up this way, so use it to put your teammates in better positions to revive.

The last thing to keep in mind is that your Falcon Scout has a health meter and a range meter. If you go out of maximum range, you will exit drone mode. Enemies can destroy your Falcon Scout, so be sure to keep it out of harm’s way as much as possible.

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