Fortnite Endgame event: Everything we know about the Avengers and Thanos crossover

The Fortnite Endgame event arrived as part of Fortnite patch 8.50. Here are the mode notes, credited to Epic Games and copied verbatim from the official Fortnite site.

The event will most likely last a week, until the next Fortnite patch arrives between Tuesday, April 30 and Thursday, May 2, although it could well last much longer.

How the Fortnite Thanos and Avengers event worked in 2018

Regardless of how the Fortnite Avengers/Infinity Gauntlet event returns, here’s a look at how it worked the last time Fortnite and Marvel teamed up.

The ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ event is an additional Solo mode that allows players to become Thanos. Once you’ve charged up, an Infinity Gauntlet will drop onto the map from above.

The first to pick it up becomes Thanos and has to stay alive as long as possible. If he is defeated, he drops the Infinity Gauntlet and passes the mantle on to another player. When there is one player left, they are the winner, like any other Fortnite game. Expect an all-powerful supervillain to defeat, of course.

Thanos has several unique characteristics:

  • A powerful punch attack that can destroy objects and injure players.
  • A laser attack that deals damage over time. Any player who is in the way of this for more than a few seconds will be toast.
  • A huge jump that allows you to fly high in the air, glide and land hard.
  • Additional health and shields to help keep you alive longer.
  • The location becomes visible to all other players in the match.

Although Epic Games hasn’t said how long the event will last, most limited events last around a week (so our best guess is until May 15). Play while it’s here!

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How to get the Infinity Gauntlet and become Thanos in Fortnite

At the start of the match, the circle will already be visible on the map. This is where the Gauntlet will appear, so set your sights there.

Unfortunately, the location of the Infinity Gauntlet is shown randomly and this initial circle is huge. And what are you looking for?

The Infinity Gauntlet falls from the sky a couple of minutes into the map. The best strategy is to stay in the air until it appears (remember to switch from diving to skydiving to slow your descent) and then try to get it.

This is the easiest way to achieve it, but the best is through luck. If you can be on the ground nearby when it lands, you can prevent players from floating above waiting for it to appear. It’s a risky strategy, but it can pay off.

If you can’t get him out the door, don’t worry, as as soon as someone turns into Thanos, all players know their location, which is shown on both the map and the compass at the top of the screen. There will also be a loud announcement and a ray of light from the location found.

It’s time to track down and confront Thanos. He is very powerful and has much more health and shields than normal players. That being said, he is very loud so you know when he is around. Rare, Epic, and Legendary weapons will also be available in-match only, giving you some much-needed firepower.

Once the Infinity Gauntlet has been found, a beam of light and an icon on the radar will show Thanos’ location.

Thanos will then become a big target, and with players closing in, you can take this opportunity to get in close and shoot, ideally while staying hidden, as one or two attacks can kill you.

The balance here is making sure you are far enough away to avoid his attacks, but close enough to rush in and get the Infinity Gauntlet when Thanos is down.

When that happens, pick up the Infinity Gauntlet to become Thanos yourself. From here, I hope you can stay alive long enough to win the match!

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