Finland is the happiest country in the world according to a U.N. report!

Happiness has always been seen as something personal, but the happiness of the entire country can also be evaluated. For the sixth time in a row, Finland has reached the mark of being the happiest country in the world, according to the UN Happiness Report.

India was ranked 126th among 136 countries in the world.

Ukraine also has a reason to celebrate, as its ranking improved from 98th to 92nd. However, this is surprising news, especially after the Russian invasion. In such a scenario, what made Ukraine “happier” than before? Well, the country has reported an increase in acts of kindness. According to Professor Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, what has been seen in recent times is “an extraordinary increase in the feeling of camaraderie throughout Ukraine.” According to the report, in 2022 benevolence increased significantly in Ukraine. However, benevolence was seen to decline in Russia.

According to the report, a greater sense of benevolence, common purpose and trust in the Ukrainian leadership has also been observed in Ukraine. Northern Europe dominated the top spots, followed by Denmark. Iceland took the place d. Israel was in fourth position.

It is interesting to note that the Baltic countries are increasingly moving towards Western European levels.

“The Nordic countries deserve special attention in light of their generally high levels of both personal and institutional trust. They also had COVID-19 mortality rates only a third higher than elsewhere in Western Europe during 2020 and 2021: 27 per 100,000 in the Nordic countries, compared to 80 in the rest of Western Europe,” say the report’s authors.

India’s position

India was ranked 126th in the report. Its neighbors such as China, Nepal and Sri Lanka were ranked higher.

The key factors used in the report.

To determine the level of happiness of countries, several key factors are evaluated. The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network is the organization behind the report. It uses six key factors to rank all the countries in the world and assess their “happiness levels.” These factors are:

1. Social support

2. Income

3. Health

4. Generosity

5. Freedom

6. Absence of corruption

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