Final Fantasy 16 Electrum location

Electrum is a crafting material in Final Fantasy 16 that is used to create a Drakeslayer Belt obtained from the ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ side quest.

Drakeslayer’s Belt is a good option to equip during mid-game, so to help you improve Clive’s stats, we’ve quickly detailed Electrum’s location in Final Fantasy 16 below, along with some other helpful tips and details on the game. drakeslayer belt

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Final Fantasy 16 Electrum Location

Electrum is found during the Severian Hunt in Final Fantasy 16. You get Electrum as part of the loot for defeating the B-rank monster, plus:

  • 70 skill points
  • 20 renown
  • 800 XP
  • 8,500 gil

Image Credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

Severian is located west of Martha’s Rest in the Rosaria region, just north of Sorrowise. You need to complete ‘Fire and Ice’ before Severian appears on the map, which means you unfortunately can’t get Electrum right after receiving the Drakeslayer Belt blueprint, but it’s still a good belt to equip right now!

Here is a map image of Severian’s exact location:

Image Credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

The Severian Hunt is unlocked after the main quest ‘Fire and Ice’, so you will see it on your Hunting Board from ‘After the Storm’ onwards.

Image Credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

Tips to beat Severian

Severian is a notorious level 31, B-rank brand and his rush and projectile attacks can take out over half of Clive’s health bar, so you’ll want to make liberal use of dodging! The Berserker Ring that you get from Renown rewards is a great accessory to equip during the fight, as it increases Clive’s attack for a moment after performing a Precision Dodge.

This is a deadly one-hit attack by Severian.

Having a full break limit bar and a bag full of potions and high potions also helps a lot. A good trick to get free health potions is to start the fight and then Severian kills you on purpose right away. Clive will then respawn near him with his potion bags fully replenished.

We recommend using Garuda’s Wind Blast and Gouge abilities to lower Severian’s awe bar. Ramuh’s Storm and Phoenix Fire Blast are also great abilities to damage Severian while also helping to reduce her stagger bar.

Wind Blast is one of the best abilities to deal consistent damage scaling.

Once Severian is downed, activate Clive’s Limit Break and unleash all of your most powerful abilities to deal as much damage as possible.

Remember, you can also order Torgal to attack Severian or heal Clive during the battle.

Final Fantasy 16 Drakeslayer Belt Details

The Drakeslayer Belt Blueprint is obtained from Blackthorne as a reward for completing the ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ side quest. The complete recipe to create the Drakeslayer belt in Final Fantasy 16 is:

  • x1 Dragon Claw
  • electro x1
  • x20 Heather Clam Shell
  • x1 Sacrletite

Once you have all the ingredients, talk to Blackthorne again and ask him to make you the Drakeslayer’s Belt.

The basic stats for the Drakeslayer Belt are:

Good luck on your quest for Electrum in Final Fantasy 16!

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