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As with most Bethesda games that we can remember, there are a number of console commands that you can apply to the PC version of Fallout 4 that will help you in combat, allow you to play with the environments, or, frankly, make you They will practically allow you to cheat in the game. To access the command menu, you’ll first need to press the tilde or @ buttons, the first of which is usually located below the Escape key and looks a little like this: ~

Here’s a complete rundown of all the Fallout 4 console commands the community has discovered so far. We will continue to add to this list as new tweaks and cheats are discovered for the game.

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Character Console Commands and Cheats.

These are the various commands you can play with to give your Fallout 4 character a huge advantage in battle.

tgm: This activates God Mode for the game.

player.setav speedmult [value] – change the value settings to increase your character’s movement speed until it is completely impractical.

set scale [1 – 10] – increase the size of your character.

sexchange: change the gender of your character.

tdetect: This prevents AI characters from even knowing you exist.

player.setlevel [value] – Change the level of your character to whatever you want.

caqs: Entering this will basically complete the game, but use it with caution as you may see spoilers you’d rather not see.

Ambient Console Commands and Cheats.

A variety of environmental settings can be made with the following commands.

tfc: activates a free moving camera, in case you want to see the surrounding environment even better.

tcl – Disables collision in the game, allowing you to pass through walls and objects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to pass through.

set time scale for [value] – Normal time is set to 16, but you can reduce or increase it for time lapse purposes.

tmm 1: Activate all markers on Pip Boy’s map.

unlock: opens doors, safes and terminals.

activate: activates elements normally controlled by a switch.

Combat Console Commands and Cheats.

Trap your way to victory with the following console commands geared toward killing and combat in Fallout 4.

tai – activating this clearly Delaware-activates all the game’s AI and makes everyone stand still and basically do nothing. Good job if you can get it.

tcai: As above, except this command disables AI combat in the game.

Killall: As expected, this command will kill all living beings in your immediate vicinity, except your companions, who will, however, require a stimulant injection to bring them back to life (which makes sense).

kill [ID] – provides the ID of a creature, and this command will basically kill it like a stone.

resurrect [ID] – the opposite of the one above. I’m sorry!

tm: This disables all aspects of the user interface, including the console. You have been warned!

Inventory Console Commands and Cheats

How to add items to your inventory without having to go to the annoying trouble of finding them.

player.additem 0000000f [value] – replace the value of [value] with the amount of free caps you want.

player.additem 0000000a [value] – replace the value of [value] as above, but this time for hairpins.

player.additem [item ID] [quantity] – add any item ID you want to your inventory, with the quantity you want.

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