Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards for August 2023 and how to link an Amazon account to Fall Guys

Fall Guys has gone free to play, and with 20 million players enjoying donning fun costumes at launch, there are plenty of newcomers looking to get as many cosmetics as they can, and a great way to do that is through the current August Prime. . Game rewards.

As long as you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can link an Amazon account to Fall Guys and enjoy new costumes every month.

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Fall Guys Prime Gaming Rewards for August 2023

The current Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards for August 2023 are:

  • Jungle Penguin Bow
  • starflight slippers
  • 1,000 congratulations

We have two costume pieces and 1000 Kudos as a Prime Gaming reward for Fall Guys every week going forward.

Costume pieces are nice additions, and the 1,000 Kudos can be spent in the shop on a variety of items, including dog tags, nicknames, patterns, new colors, and even more costumes.

How to Link an Amazon Account to Fall Guys

To earn Prime Gaming rewards in Fall Guys, you must first make sure you have an active Amazon Prime membership, and then link the Amazon account with the Prime membership to your Fall Guys account. You’ll even get Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards if you only have a free trial of the subscription service!

Once you’re sure you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, your payment option is up to date, and you have OTP set up in your Amazon account with your current mobile phone number, here are the steps you need to follow to link your Amazon account to Fall Guys:

  1. From the Fall Guys main menu, open the options screen and choose ‘Settings’
  2. Choose ‘Link Amazon Account’ and go to the website for the correct region code (UK players go to amazon.co.uk/a/code and US players go to amazon.com/us /code)
  3. Sign in to your Amazon account
  4. Enter the OTP codes that are sent to your mobile phone
  5. Enter the code shown in Fall Guys on the Amazon website when prompted
  6. Allow Prime Gaming to access your Fall Guys account
  7. Close Fall Guys on your console or PC and restart it
  8. Go to gaming.amazon.com/home, log in, scroll down and click on Fall Guys Rewards.
  9. Choose the current reward and then “Complete claim”
  10. If there are no issues, the “Successfully Claimed” menu will appear.
  11. Restart Fall Guys again to add the rewards to your account

We’ve mentioned the specific US and UK Amazon websites you need to go to to link your Fall Guys account to your Amazon account, but if you’re from another region, you’ll need to go to your own code address specific Amazon regional link to link your accounts.

You must link Fall Guys to your Amazon account to earn Prime Gaming Rewards.

It’s important to link your Fall Guys account to the correct Amazon region, or you won’t be able to get your Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards. If you link to the wrong region, all you need to do is unlink from the same ‘Settings’ menu in Fall Guys and then link to the correct Amazon region.

If you encounter any issues linking your accounts, please make sure that you link an Amazon account with an active Prime subscription, that your default payment option has not expired, and that you have restarted the Fall Guys game several times.

Lastly, if while on the Prime Gaming website you get the option to “Go to Mediatonic” instead of “Complete Claim” when trying to claim your Fall Guys monthly rewards in step 9, click the “I already linked” option. my accounts” at the bottom of this window. The ‘Complete Claim’ option should now be available.

Fall Guys Season 2 is here! You can play on eight new Season 2 maps and earn free and premium rewards with the Battle Pass, including Kudos, and you can get even more goodies by earning crowns and crown shards, and linking your Amazon account to get a new costume. Prime Gaming every month.

Previous Fall Guys Prime Gaming Rewards

Since December 2020, Amazon Prime subscribers who linked their Fall Guys account to their Amazon account have been rewarded with a new Fall Guys costume every month except August 2021, which extended the rewards from July 2020. 2021 one more month.

In addition to costumes, kudos and crowns have also been included in previous Fall Guys Prime rewards.

Here are all the previous Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards:

Month and year Prime Gaming Rewards
December 2020 Winter Warmer Costume x 3 Crowns
January 2021 Slushie Bear Costume6,500 congratulations
February 2021 MVPx3 Crowns Costume
March 2021 Boxzilla Bot Costume6,500 congratulations
April 2021 Fitness Party Costumex3 Crowns
May 2021 Burning Circuits Costume6,500 Congratulations
June 2021 Costume Chart Topperx3 Crowns
July and August 2021 Beetle Buddy Costume6,500 congratulations
September 2021 Snorkel Costumex3 Crowns
October 2021 Happy Mastodon Costume6,500 Congratulations
November 2021 Frill Gills Costume x3 Crowns
December 2021 Gifted costume6,500 congratulations
January 2022 Protective Disguisex3 Crowns
February 2022 Scribble Costume6,500 congratulations
March 2022 Disguise The Lightx3 Crowns
April 2022 Splash Costume6,500 congratulations
May 2022 Gift of disguisex3 Crowns
June 2022 Falldazzler’s Incredible Costume6,500 Congratulations
July 2022 Pitchers Mitt Top Costume Pool Life Line Bottom Costume POP Pattern
August 2022 Top Suit Country Pomp Summer Hula Skirt Bottom Suit Micced Up Pattern
September 2022 Top Costume Rubber Ducky Cap Bottom Costume Starbright Pool Ring 1,800 Congratulations
October 2022 Princess Sunset Wig Top Costume Watermelon Slice Bag Bottom Costume Connect The Dots Pattern 1,800 Congratulations
November 2022 Meowstronaut Cap Top Costume Meowstronaut Boots Bottom Costume Silver Pattern 1,800 Congratulations
December 2023 Splash Costume6,500 congratulations
January 2023 Doodles the Clown Pack1,000 Congratulations
February 2023 Gifted costume1,000 congratulations
March 2023 Protector Costume1,000 congratulations
April 2023 Happy Mastodon Costume1,000 Congratulations
May 2023 Don Costume1,000 congratulations
June 2023 Chestnut CapStarberry Belt1,000 Congratulations

July 2023 Dashing Derby HelmetCrown Bowling Shoes1,000 Congratulations

August 2023 Jungle Penguin TieStarflight Sneakers1,000 Congratulations

I hope you enjoy your Prime Gaming rewards in Fall Guys!

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