Essay on Christmas 2022: Short and Long Christmas Festival Essay in English

Essay on Christmas 2022: ”Christmas” is an annual holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, as a cultural celebration among billions of people around the world on December 25.

During the Christmas festival, family, friends and relatives come together to joyfully celebrate the occasion. Children’s happiness is mainly attributed to the gifts that Santa Claus brings them. Therefore, we can conclude that Santa Claus, a mythical figure, plays a crucial role in the Christmas holidays.

Additionally, we have some examples of short and long Christmas essays in English that you can use to impress your friends, coworkers, and teachers. However, you must understand the basics of essay writing before moving on to the solution.

Christmas 2022: date, history, meaning and more

What do you understand by essay?

Writing essays is a crucial component of the curriculum. In the exam, students must write essays to demonstrate their creativity and verbalization skills. Essays allow teachers to evaluate a student’s linguistic and grammatical skills. Christmas is a popular holiday among children and young children often enjoy writing essays about it.

The three main components of an essay are

  • Introduction
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Short essay on Christmas 2022

  1. The best-known holiday, Christmas, is celebrated every year on December 25.
  2. It is a joyful and joyful festival that honors the birth of Jesus Christ.
  3. Christmas encourages people to live happily, prosper and be together.
  4. People brightly illuminated their homes and churches as a representation of Christ, who conquered the darkness of sin and brought light to the world.
  5. A star placed on top of the tree also symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem.
  6. Children are especially excited about Christmas because they anticipate seeing Santa Claus and receiving gifts.
  7. For this occasion, an evergreen fir tree is used as a Christmas tree, and it is decorated with ornaments, lights, gifts, etc.
  8. People visit churches at midnight on Christmas Eve to pray to Christ Jesus.
  9. Good Samaritans dressed as Santa Claus distribute gifts to children and those in need.
  10. This last festival of the year also represents happiness, hope and new beginnings.

What is Blue Christmas and why is it celebrated?

Long essay on Christmas 2022

Christmas, also known as the “Feast of Christ”, is a popular Christian holiday. This day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The first Christmas was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD, older than I thought.

Christmas is a cultural celebration that requires extensive planning. People have a holiday break to celebrate as it is a public holiday. For most people, Christmas preparations begin early so that the festivities can begin on Christmas Eve. There are numerous things to do to prepare for Christmas. Gifts, food and decorations are usually purchased primarily for the benefit of children of family and friends. Decorating the area with Christmas trees and lighting are common preparations. While the Christmas tree spreads Christmas joy throughout homes.

Unwrapped gift boxes containing gifts are placed under the Christmas tree and should not be opened before Christmas. The church has also been decorated for the occasion. Until the day of the celebration, rehearsals of choral songs and parodies are planned.

To mark the occasion, Christmas carols are broadcast on radio and television. Family gatherings are planned to celebrate with food and music while exchanging gifts. Without a doubt, the joy of Christmas is unparalleled. Holiday treats include homemade muffins, cupcakes and traditional plum pies.

Christmas serves as a reminder of the value of sharing and giving with friends and family. Through Christmas, we are reminded that the world’s greatest achievements began with the birth of Jesus. Typically, it is an opportunity to reflect on the nature and reason for our existence. Despite being a Christian holiday, Christmas is celebrated all over the world by people of all faiths and religions. The heart of this festival is what unites people so strongly.

Christmas Speech 2022: Welcome speech to the Christmas celebration

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