Diablo 4 Cellar locations

Cellars are very small dungeon-like areas in Diablo 4, which means that completing them is a quick way to get materials and equipment from monsters.

Finding and finishing wineries is also a potential Seasonal Journey goal, so it’s a good idea to know where you can find wineries, as they usually only appear on your map when you get close enough to their location.

Whether you’re farming materials, gear, XP, or need to complete them to hit objectives, we’ve got almost 150 warehouse locations in Diablo 4 marked on our interactive map below.

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Diablo 4 Cellar Locations

We have found 147 wineries in the five regions of Santuario:

  • 26 in Scosglen
  • 26 in Dry Steppes
  • 31 in Kehjistan
  • 32 in fractured peaks
  • 32 in Hawezar

We suspect there are three more to find, but 147 wineries is more than enough to complete objectives and dole out rewards!

To save you time on the hunt, here’s our interactive map showing the cellar locations in Diablo 4:

enlarge map

Keep an eye out for small entrances with an orange glow, as they indicate the start of a cellar or dungeon. You’ll know it’s a basement instead of a dungeon when a ladder symbol appears under a trapdoor on your minimap.

Cellars can also appear on your minimap when you have unlocked the Whisper reward feature at the end of the campaign. On the map, they have a light red background and border, but the symbol is exactly the same.

Diablo 4 Cellars

Cellars are very small dungeon-like areas that are marked on the minimap with a ladder symbol under a trapdoor. They appear as doorways or holes in the ground with an orange glow.

Image Credit: Eurogamer/Blizzard Entertainment

Once you enter a cellar, a random instance occurs that gives you an objective. Usually this involves simply killing one or two enemies, but events can sometimes occur as well. Events in Cellars range from traps, puzzles, cursed shrines, and more! If an event occurs, you will get an event chest as a reward instead of the usual chest from the Cellar.

This is a non-event Cellar target. | Image Credit: Eurogamer/Blizzard Entertainment

As long as the area doesn’t trigger an event, you can farm these types of materials in Diablo 4’s cellars:

The materials you get from enemy loot depend on the type of monster you are facing in the basement. For example, you will only get Crushed Beast Bones from killing enemy types of Beasts, Animals, and Creaturemen.

Finally, if it helps you with your farming needs or completing objectives, you should know that you can reset the cellars just like the dungeons by hovering over their symbol on the map and holding the reset button.

Image Credit: Eurogamer/Blizzard Entertainment

All the best to face Cellars in Diablo 4!

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