Destiny 2 Jotunn, Le Monarque, and Black Armory Forges explained

Destiny 2’s Black Armory was an update that appeared in the second year of Destiny 2 and introduced two new Exotics, Jotunn and Le Monarque, which are among the best weapons in the game.

Following the release of the Year 3 Shadowkeep expansion, most of the previously added content has changed drastically, becoming simpler or more complicated to obtain, including these Forges and Exotic quests.

When it was first released, the steps to obtain Jotunn and Le Monarque were quite different. To start, the four Forges (special wave-based quests where you can obtain these types of weapons) had to be opened individually, each with their own quest line and requirements. At the same time, obtaining these weapons depended solely on luck in completing them.

Now, the Shadowkeep expansion has significantly simplified the first steps, but made the second half much more complicated. Both weapons will appear as quests now, which is great since there’s no RNG involved, but it will take a while to get your hands on them.

On this page, we will explain the steps necessary to find them:

Where to start the Jotunn and Le Monarque quests

First things first: you’ll want to talk to Ada in the Tower. If this is your first time playing Destiny 2 after Shadowkeep, you don’t need to talk to Spider to get an emblem for Ada.

Then, upon meeting her, she will offer you a quest called Black Armory Machine Gun Frame. It will ask you to obtain 25 Composite Ether and 1 Weapon Core, the latter of which is found in a box stolen from the Black Armory on the outskirts or in the ravine of the EDZ, but that is only the first step to take.

Ada will also give you the Mystery Box quest and two more that will give you the path to exotic weapons. A Giant’s Might and Butterfly’s Grace, each representing the Jotunn and Le Monarque weapons, respectively.

Easy, right? Well, the requirements for each take a bit of time and will require consistency if you want to complete them as quickly as possible.

Requirements for the power of a giant and the grace of a butterfly

Each of the exotics will ask you to:

  • Complete 10 legendary weapon frames (they have a gold color and a dark background)
  • Eliminate Vex (for A Giant’s Might) and Fallen (for Butterfly’s Grace)

The first can be obtained by collecting them directly from Ada, but there is a problem. You’ll need a Ballistic Log to purchase each of them, an item that’s only available through two weekly rewards: Forging the Future and For the Armory.

The first one is quite simple, as you only need to light a forge, eliminate the Guardian and successfully complete it. For Amory, on the other hand, requires you to complete all seven rewards, which will take you much longer.

What’s a shame is that you can’t polish all the weapon frames continuously. You only get two ballistic logs per week, which means the entire process can take up to five weeks to complete. It’s not difficult at all and you can complete other rewards and quests along with them, but it takes a lot of time.

A key factor to keep in mind is that you should not repeat weapon frames until you have completed the first six; otherwise the game will not count it towards overall progress. Thanks to topperTS on reddit for discovering this.

How to Forge Black Armory Forges Frames Efficiently

The process for unlocking weapon frames is a little different from how we previously unlocked the Black Armory Machine Gun Frame, but the steps are the same.

Obtain 25 Compound Ethers and 1 Weapon Core, the latter found in a box stolen from the Black Armory. Destinations may vary, but are always described in the mission information:

  • 15 multiple kills and 50 kills against one type of enemy using power weapons (public events are great for this)
  • Defeat 25 powerful enemies
  • Collect radiant seeds from powerful enemies
  • Light the forge

As for weapon cores, it is no longer necessary to hunt specific enemies. These new chests differ from the normal ones, mainly because they have a shield around them, patrolled by a pair of small drones.

They are really distinctive, having a black color and the Black Armory symbol on the side. Once you destroy the drones, you can open and loot what’s inside, along with the weapon core.

Also, remember how Radiant Seeds used to be a rare item found in Destiny 2? Fortunately, they are now much easier to obtain and you only need to hunt down powerful enemies until you collect them all, which should appear with each of them.

It’s going to take some effort, but it’s a great opportunity to take on Strikes. Always remember that these missions can be multitasking with many other activities, so definitely make the most of each one of them.

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You can also know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How Forges work in Year 3 and what to look out for

After completing all the requirements for a frame, you will need to go to a forge and complete the event. In this post-Shadowkeep world, the four forges (Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and Bergusia) are automatically unlocked and can be accessed from the bottom left symbol on the Earth overview map from the Fates menu.

The problem is that they are now tied to daily reboots, meaning there is no way to switch between them manually. This means that if you missed Bergusia on Saturday, it won’t appear again until Wednesday.

Which is important since, unless otherwise noted, Bergusia is the preferred forge for exotics and where you’ll have to go to get both Jotunn and Le Monarque, so be sure to plan ahead.

In essence, they are still quite similar. You and two other Guardians will have to survive two waves of enemies while collecting Radiant Batteries. These are only dropped by enemies highlighted in blue, which are easily recognizable.

The thing is, your adventures in the forges will only count if you defeat them successfully, and it can get tricky towards the end if you don’t coordinate with your teammates. Each wave will ask for 20 Radiant Batteries, but the event is also time-limited.

The time will increase with each battery (which a guardian must throw into the burning forge) but will also decrease if you stop powering the forge constantly.

And then comes the boss fight. You only have two minutes to defeat the Guardian (which changes depending on the forge), but it also comes with several mobs that you will have to deal with.

What we recommend is having your ultimate for this encounter, along with the ammo collected for your power weapon. As soon as it appears, the three guardians should attack recklessly in that first window before the mobs start to become problematic.

It’s all a matter of focusing aggro on the boss as much as possible while avoiding projectiles. It can be difficult to coordinate with random players (they are shooting at them after all), so we recommend forming a team and jumping into voice chat or this.

Also, if you were matched with another guardian, we highly recommend that you go out and find a new partner. Forgings can be difficult, especially if you don’t do them with a full team, but if you follow our advice you’ll be a proud Jotunn and Le Monarque owner in no time.

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