Death Stranding Memory Chip locations: What ‘glowing’ objects mean and where to find them

Death Stranding Memory Chips are collectibles sporadically dotted around a desolate America.

Though not explicitly mentioned by name, these glowing objects are optional collectables to find that, when deliveries to a terminal, reveal a personal interest of Kojima’s.

There’s a total of 56 in total to find, and you’ll have to find them all in order to get Death Stranding’s Platinum Trophy – making them a must for completionists.

Death Stranding Memory Chip Locations list

As mentioned above, some of these locations can only be accessed after certain points in the story, so beware of spoilers if you haven’t yet finished the game – if you haven’t, you can’t get all the memory chips anyway, so be sure to beat it first!

Memory Chip 1 location – Frame Arms: Byakko

At the Waystation West of Capital Knot City, turn away from the entrance and face south. Use your scanner just outside the weapons restriction circle, and you’ll see the chip lying on the ground right before the ledge that brings you down towards the riverbank.

Memory Chip 2 location – Frame Arm Girls: Byakko

While facing the Wind Farm, the chip will be on a raised platform to your left. Just walk left of the entrance, turn around, scan, and you’ll see it on your right. Easy.

Memory Chip 3 location – Frame Arms Kategora

If you leave the Lake Knot City Bridges facility and go left towards the massive red wall, you’ll see a single opening about halfway along. The memory chip is in the truck parked here.

Memory Chip 4 location – Frame Arms: Genbu

By the large satellite building slightly southwest of the Weather Station, near where you had to build your first Safe House, you’ll find this on the ground. An easy spot.

Memory Chip 5 location – Frame Arms: Mingwu

This is found in a small tunnel on the way to Mama’s Lab from the nearby BT area. The tunnel is within her chiral ring, and can also be accessed from the Lab on the way out if you missed it on the way in.

Memory Chip 6 location – Kotobukiya Ludens Girl Model

The chip can be found on the first big truck on the left of the main entrance to the Distribution Centre North of Mountain Knot City. It’s lying on the bonnet and is impossible to miss.

Memory Chip 7 location – Prime 1 Studio 1/2 Scale Ludens Statue

Head slightly northeast of Mountain Knot City. In the mountains, you’ll find the chip nestled amidst the strange vertical structures in the BT area.

Memory Chip 8 location – Sentinel 1/6 Ludens Action Figure

This one can be found in a cave almost exactly halfway between the Photographer and the Doctor, where the river splits two ways around an island, and the western meander becomes crescent-shaped. Use the screenshot to pinpoint exactly where.

Memory Chip 9 location – Max Factory Ludens figma

If you head east of South Knot City, right next to the coast, you’ll find the chip lying on some debris near the map’s end.

Memory Chip 10 location – Good Smile Company Nendoroid Jumbo Ludens

The chip is in Edge Knot City’s Bridges facility, at the very back right corner of the main terminal hall. Impossible to miss.

Memory Chip 11 location – Christine

This one is tough to find – to the southeast of the MULE camp southeast of the Craftsman, there is a large alcove at the bottom of the mountain, which is where the memory chip is.

Alternatively, you can trek up to the Elder and descend in a northeast direction at about a 45 degree angle from where Sam’s map marker is when it’s pointed directly north from the Elder’s bunker.

This way obviously takes longer, but when you get to the bottom of the mountain the alcove is impossible to miss.

Memory Chip 12 location – Godzilla

The chip is found slightly southwest of Mountain Knot City, where the lowest part of the tar pit used to be, just beneath the bridge. You can’t collect this until the tar clears up after chapter 6, so there’s no point wasting your stamina wading through before then.

Memory Chip 13 location – The Walk

This chip is found northwest of the First Prepper. It’s easy to find but doesn’t spawn until you’ve leveled up the First Prepper enough to get an email that reads, “Food Tastes Better When You’re Up High!”

To get the email, you’ll have to rank up the station first. Once you receive it you’re good to go.

(I would highly recommend just leveling him up during the story if you can, but if not, just try to do recovery missions or pick up as many of his deliveries as you can from nearby preppers to speed things up.)

Memory Chip 14 location – Stand By Me

If you climb to the roof of the Incinerator West of Lake Knot City, there are four bridges to the main structure. One of these (the southernmost on your map) has a chip on it.

It’s important to note that it only unlocks after you get an email from Charles Khan with the subject line, “Something Glowing in the Crater,” which is obtained by leveling up the Waystation North of Mountain Knot City. It won’t appear before then.

Memory Chip 15 location – Big Fish

This one’s easy! You can find it on top of a blue green container inside Port Knot City, off to the left where the shipping yard is located.

Memory Chip 16 location – Fright Night

Just outside the western side of the Ruined Shelter and towards the water where the map ends, you’ll see a whole swarm of the visible BTs that begin to spawn towards the end of the game.

Don’t go right over to them, but approach their position diagonally while spamming your scanner and you should be able to find the memory chip behind a pillar. Consult the screenshot for an exact location.

Memory Chip 17 location – Matango

After heading north of the Film Director, stop before your map marker becomes perpendicular with the eastern horizontal line from the Elder.

There is a cryptobiotic farm here in a dark, barren area, and the memory chip is in the circle of the flora, right next to the biggest… tree?

Memory Chip 18 location – The Seven Samurai

In the MULE Camp south of the Distribution Centre West of Capital Knot City, there is a massive cave to the left (if you’re approaching from the Distribution Centre, that is).

Enter the cave and walk towards the other side, When you reach the cliff you scale to get out, turn around, use your scanner, and you’ll see a side slope up to the right with the memory chip right at the back.

It’s tough to spot, so don’t be afraid to just walk around the cave for a minute or two if you’re having some trouble – just keep spamming the scanner and you’ll see it in no time.

Memory Chip 19 location – Bridge on the River Kwai

From Mama’s Lab, cross the river to Timefall Farm. On the Timefall side, and to the east of the middle of the MULE camp, there is a destroyed bridge.

You’ll be able to see some low rubble that forms a makeshift path to the chip, which is right above the water. It doesn’t properly come up on your scanner unless you scan right by the coast, so there’s no point scouring the inner shore.

Memory Chip 20 location – Dr Strangelove

You can find this memory chip southwest of Heartman’s Lab, in between the two curves of the heart-shaped lake. This is one of the easiest chips to find in the game – you probably won’t even need the scanner.

Memory Chip 21 location – Eggshell Carving

This one can be found in the main tent of the MULE camp immediately south of Lake Knot City.

Memory Chip 22 location – Glasscraft

In the MULE camp east of the Craftsman, you’ll find a memory chip on the outskirts, right next to where the road is paved on the Western side and the MULE orange line curves on the world map. It’s in an alcove near a permanent zipline.

Memory Chip 23 location – Coffee Cup

In the MULE camp slightly north of Timefall Farm, the memory chip is in the tents on the eastern side.

Memory Chip 24 location – Soap Bubble

This is just on the roof of Timefall Farm. You don’t even need a ladder.

Memory Chip 25 location – Frozen Soap Bubble

This is on a steep cliff immediately west of Heartman’s Lab, overlooking the lake.

Memory Chip 26 location – Dandelion Seeds

In the mountains south of the Spiritualist, the chip is exactly where Deadman was waiting for you before the cabin in the mountains was destroyed, transporting you both to Clifford Unger’s beach. It’s on the roof, which has been completely ruined.

Memory Chip 27 location – Wine Glass

One of the most well hidden memory chips in the entire game. The Wine Glass is found southwest of the Mountaineer and is located in a small alcove on the way up to the top of the mountain.

It’s best to really focus on matching the map with the screenshot here, and we’ve provided two just to make that easier.

If you open the map, have the Mountaineer as the centre point, and zoom in enough to make the Spiritualist barely visible on the right, you’ll see the rock formation that matches the screenshot highlighting the memory chip on the left hand side of the map, directly horizontal to the Spiritualist. Head over to that formation and then use the other screenshot to find the chip.

Memory Chip 28 location – Pottery

Slightly southeast of Mama’s Lab there’s a massive tower. The little alcove a short way up can only be accessed with a ladder, but there’s usually one there from someone else placing it – bring one just in case, though. The memory chip is the only thing up there.

Memory Chip 29 location – Snow Crystal

This one is located slightly southeast of Mountain Knot City. It’s up in the mountains where all the houses are, right on the railings outside of a building. It’s very easy to spot if you use your scanner.

Memory Chip 30 location – Fused Silica

To get this memory chip, you first need to level the Paleontologist up to level 5. After you do this, you’ll get an email with the subject line, “Much Respect To Porters Everywhere,” which means that the memory chip has spawned.

You can find it in the abyss filled with poisonous gas that the paleontologist originally sends you down to, just south of his shelter. Bring climbing gear and an oxygen mask.

Memory Chip 31 location – Reverse Trike: ‘Ride’ Type

If you head northeast of the MULE camp north of Timefall Farm, but stay on the west side of the river separating this peninsula from Mama’s Lab, you’ll come across a waterfall.

As you walk along the shore, the chip will be in a small cropping in the cliff face to your left (if you’re facing the waterfall).

If you get the whole way up you’ve gone too far, so turn around and keep an eye out for an alcove on your right hand side as you walk back along the shore, constantly pressing R1 to use your Odradek scanner.

Tough to spot, but using the scanner properly should cause it to show up without too much trouble.

Memory Chip 32 location – Honda NSR250R

In the main area of the MULE camp slightly southeast of the Craftsman and north of the Elder, you’ll find the memory chip on a desk in one of the bigger tents.

Memory Chip 33 location – Honda Rebel 500

On the western side of the MULE camp north of Timefall Farm, next to the most western incognito postbox, there is an open building. The chip is up one of the flights of stairs in the corner of the room.

Memory Chip 34 location – Triumph Bonneville Bobber

This chip is located in the MULE camp between the Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City and the Film Director. It’s on a couch in the main area, and is very easy to spot.

Memory Chip 35 location – ion Triumph Street Triple RS

You can find this chip located on top of some containers and burnt out cars at the Junk Dealer, right next to his terminal. Just use the scanner in the general vicinity and it should pop up right away.

Memory Chip 36 location – Yamaha MT-09

Can be found in the MULE camp southwest of the Craftsman in one of the main tents – be careful, this camp is teeming with MULEs!

Memory Chip 37 location – Yamaha RD500LC

This is one of the harder MULE camps. The chip is located between the Waystation North of Mountain Knot City and the Distribution Centre North of Mountain Knot City. It’s in the main tented area, but it’s usually heavily guarded. Be careful.

Memory Chip 38 location – Kawasaki Z1 (900 Super Four)

The chip is in the main area of the MULE camp directly south of the Distribution Centre North of Mountain Knot City.

Memory Chip 39 location – Kawasaki Ninja H2R

This memory chip is in the eastern set of tents in the MULE camp south of the Exo-devo Biologist.

Memory Chip 40 location – Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250

When you walk out of the Distribution Center North of Edge Knot City you’ll immediately spot a road opposite the entrance packed with burnt out cars. The chip is in front of one of the burnt out trucks, at about a 45-degree angle from the entrance of the facility.

Memory Chip 41 location – Death Stranding / Low Roar

This one’s just east of the Port Knot City entrance, next to a small, baby blue container by the water. There are only two containers here, so they’re pretty easy to spot.

Memory Chip 42 location – Lucio Fulci’s Horror and Thriller Compilation

This memory chip can be found on the roof of the Incinerator West of Capital Knot City, right in the back left corner. It only spawns after you’ve completed the main story, so there’s no point looking before then.

Memory Chip 43 location – Profondo Rosso Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This memory chip can be found on one of the roofs opposite the closed facility at Capital Knot City’s Isolation Wards, northeast of the main facility. Use the Odradek scanner on the street right near the entrance and you should see it.

Be sure to bring a ladder so you can actually get up. This chip only spawns after getting an email with the subject line, “A Weird Glowing Object in Capital Knot City.”

To get this, Capital Knot City needs to be leveled to at least 3 or 4 stars (mine was at 4). If you haven’t got the email yet, the chip won’t appear.

Memory Chip 44 location – Thelma Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Halfway between the Craftsman and the Waystation North of Mountain Knot City, there’s building bang smack in the middle of the BT area. The memory chip is in a container in the centre.

Memory Chip 45 location – dawn/ SILENT POETS

This one is located northwest of the Musician and northeast of Port Knot City, about halfway along the longest horizontal border at the top of the map, down towards the area marked as rough terrain.

It’s quite a random place, so using the hard map description above is the best way to actually find it.

Memory Chip 46 location – Low Roar/Low Roar

Head north of the MULE camp north of Timefall Farm and you’ll find the memory chip by the narrow river flowing alongside the mountain.

Memory Chip 47 location – 0/Low Roar

You can find this inside Lake Knot City – not the facility, but the actual entrance to the city, in the bunkers where Fragile first drops you off during the main story. It’s on top of a container towards the end of the pier, right where you first alighted.

Memory Chip 48 location – Once In A Long, Long While…/Low Roar

Head north from the Film Director until you find a chasm filled with poisonous gas. The memory chip is on the side closest to the Film Director, right at the bottom – be sure to bring climbing gear and an oxygen mask, lest you be knocked out and have to try again.

Memory Chip 49 location – God of War Video Game Soundtrack

This one’s tricky to point out exactly, but if you go slightly northwest of the second online postbox on the way from the Distribution Centre West of Capital Knot City to the Wind Farm, and land just over halfway between the two locations, you can use the scanner to highlight the memory chip.

It’s lying on a rock in the middle of the plains below a ridge (there aren’t many ridges here, so that’s a good thing to look out for).

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Memory Chip 50 location – Bronson Soundtrack

This chip is located about halfway between the Waystation North of Mountain Knot City and the MULE camp to the west of it. It’s not too high up the mountain and is nestled beside a lone boulder – just use the screenshot of the map and you should find it easily.

Memory Chip 51 location – Valhalla Rising: Original Soundtrack by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed

Scale the mountain directly southeast of Timefall Farm. At the peak there is a cluster of chiral crystals and a memory chip. Also, summiting causes a Silent Poets song to play, which is always lovely.

Memory Chip 52 location – Nicolas Winding Refn The Wicked Die Young

If you head even further southeast from Mountain Knot City, you’ll see the chip right next to a massive black structure half-buried in snow near the two BT-infested towers.

If you are travelling southeast from Mountain Knot City, the structure you’re looking for will be on your right. You can’t miss it.

Memory Chip 53 location – My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn

You can find this memory chip almost exactly halfway between the Distribution Centre North of Edge Knot City and Edge Knot City.

It’s located just after the broken bridge you have climb down from if you’re coming from the Distribution Centre, immediately next to where the Higgs fight was earlier in the story

Memory Chip 54 location – An Unknown Man’s Journal Part 1

Just outside a building in the southwest corner of the Ruined Shelter, you’ll find this memory chip. It’s a permanently BT-infested area, but the chip is right near the entrance from the southwestern side at ground level, so you can quickly nab it without too much trouble.

Memory Chip 55 location – An Unknown Man’s Journal Part 2

This memory chip can be found in the back of a truck parked on a broken bridge in the BT area southwest of the Junk Dealer and east of the Cosplayer. If you look out for the bridge, it’s very easy to find (it’s just opposite the main, burnt-out building).

Memory Chip 56 location – An Unknown Man’s Journal Part 3

This can be found in Higgs’ base, which is located east of the Ruined Shelter, or Middle Knot City’s crater. You can’t actually get into the bunker until after Chapter 9, where you’ll get an email about pizza and “Peter Englert.”

Reading this adds the Peter Englert location to your world map, which is where Higgs lives. Make your way there and the bunker door will be open. The memory chip is on the desk in the downstairs room.

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