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Days of Our Lives, commonly known as Days or DOOL, is a very popular American television show. It aired on NBC from 1965 to 2022, making it one of the oldest television series in the world. This event has been held almost every weekday since November 8, 1965.

The show takes place in a fictional city called Salem, Illinois. It focuses on two families, the Brady Bunch and the Horton Bunch. There are other families, such as the DiMeras and the Kiriakises, that appear frequently. Frances Reid, who played the main mother of the Horton family, was on the show from the beginning until her death in 2010.

One of the actors, Suzanne Rogers, has been on the show since 1973, which is a really long time. In 2013, she celebrated the show’s 40th anniversary. Another cast member, Susan Seaforth Hayes, has been on the show since 1968, making her the only actor to appear on the show in its seventy-year run.

In 1975, they expanded the series from 30 minutes to an hour per day. The show is loved around the world and is shown on television in many different countries. In the 1970s, it had a reputation for being bold and talking about things that other shows didn’t talk about.

Ken Corday is running the show, something he’s been doing since his mother, Betty, took a step back in 1986. As of March 2023, the show will continue until at least September 2025. They celebrated their 14,000th episode on December 17, 2020.

Some funny shows like SCTV and Friends have poked fun at Days of Our Lives . They even had some actors from the show appear on these shows. Celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Thurgood Marshall also enjoyed the show.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week

Monday, October 16:

Sarah becomes attracted to Xander, but will she let love back into her life? Chad distanced himself from Stephanie when it came to talking about marriage. Ava and Harris opened up about their growing feelings.

Tuesday, October 17th:

Clyde threatens Ava and Harris suggests new job opportunities. Chad and EJ bonded over a recent loss. Belle says something important to Thalia.

Wednesday, October 18:

Stefan and Gabi plan a major power shift. Tensions rise between Leo and Dimitri, which could signal the end of their relationship. Turns out, Rafe is Jada’s supporter. Paulina and Abe turn to Marina and John for advice.

Thursday, October 19:

Leo and Dimitri are faced with a difficult situation. A financial plan could affect Stefan and Gabi’s relationship. Kristen learns about Holly’s crush. Tate deals with Nicole’s daughter.

Friday, October 20:

Justin decided to be honest with Sarah about her trial. Alex proposed to Theresa, but it was still uncertain whether she would accept. Keira finds herself in a difficult situation. Sander shares with Eric his concerns about Sloan’s adoption plan.

Please note that Days of Our Lives currently airs exclusively on Peacock.

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Days of Our Lives cast



Francis Reed

Alice Horton

John Clark

Mickey Horton

Suzanne Rogers

Maggie Horton

Susan Seaforth Hayes

Julie Olson Williams

Bill Hayes

Doug Williams

Christie Clark

Kelly Brady

Stephen Nichols

Steve “Patch” Johnson

Austin Peck

Austin Reed

mary beth evans

Kayla Brady

Joseph Mascolo

Stefano DiMera

Tao Pengelis

Tony DiMera and Andre DiMera

Crystal Chappell

Dr. Carly Manning

Louise Sorel

Vivian Alamein

Melissa Reeves

Jennifer Horton

john martin

Bill Horton (replaces Christopher Stone)

Charles Shaughnessy

Sean Donovan

Patsy Peace

Kimberly Brady

Erin Davidson

Kristen Blake DiMera

Casey Moss

JJ Devereaux

Jane Lilly

Theresa Donovan

Peter Recker

Beau Brady

Where can I watch Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives has been available on various platforms over the years. In July 2003, episodes became available on the now-defunct SoapCity website, which offered current-day and archived episodes for streaming or downloading. In 2007, the series was released on iTunes.

Cable network Soapnet began airing reruns of “Days of Our Lives” on weeknights. This situation lasted until the network shut down in 2013. Another network, Pop, also aired same-day reruns for a time, but has since stopped.

NBC began offering same-day episodes on its website in 2009. The latest 10 episodes are available for viewing within 16 days of the original air date. The show was also available on Hulu until it was removed in 2015.

“Days of Our Lives” has moved exclusively to NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock after 57 years on NBC. This made NBC the first major network (commonly known as the “Big Three”) not to air any daytime soap operas on broadcast television.

“Days of Our Lives” spinoff

Days of Our Lives has a number of special spin-offs that air on the streaming service Peacock. One is called “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem,” which is a limited series of only five episodes. These include familiar faces like Lisa Rinna and Deidre Hall, among other cast members. The show premiered on September 6, 2021 and will run until September 10. They even announced a second chapter, with five additional episodes, which will air from July 11 to 15, 2022. They added more actors like Christian Alfonso and Peter Recker.

Another spinoff is titled Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas. This is a special holiday movie announced in November 2021. The film stars Chandler Massey and Erin Davidson and premieres exclusively on Peacock on December 16, 2021.Another well-known actress Alison Sweeney has also joined the cast

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