Crisis at Hyrule Castle walkthrough for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Crisis at Hyrule Castle is a main quest that you can start at the beginning of your journey in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but to finish it, you’ll first have to complete part of the game’s story.

This is because Crisis at Hyrule Castle is divided into two acts: the first occurs during the opening hours of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the second is unlocked after you have completed the regional phenomenon’s main quest.

This Crisis at Hyrule Castle walkthrough focuses on the second act, where you’ll find all seven Zelda locations with Hyrule Castle, and includes links to where we covered the first part of the quest, so you can complete this part of the quest. game history.

Hey! Hear! While we’ve done our best to avoid major plot reveals, this guide contains minor spoilers!

All Zelda locations during the Crisis at Hyrule Castle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once you’ve reached Hyrule Castle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule Castle Crisis main quest, you’ll have to travel through the ruined castle to find Zelda in seven different locations.

Zelda will call you when you first arrive at Hyrule Castle and her current location will appear on the map. When you visit this location, you will be ambushed by a collection of monsters and for the next location to be revealed, you need to defeat these monsters.

Below we walk you through the seven Zelda locations in Crisis at Hyrule Castle and how to get to them. It’s important to note that our starting location was outside of the Sanctum, and while it’s not necessary to start there, Zelda will follow the location order we set out below.

If you’re starting your castle journey outside of Sanctuary, we recommend getting the Champion Leathers while you’re there. This armor piece starts with a defense of 5, so if you haven’t been collecting and upgrading your armor, it can come in handy during the monster battle in this quest.

Zelda Location 1: Second entrance door on B1

Zelda can first be found on level B1 of the Second Gatehouse.

The Second Gateway is located to the southeast of the Sanctum, so simply follow the path that leads down from this room, avoiding the Penumbra, and slip when you are in front of it. Now you just have to go down to where Zelda is.

Surprise! Actually, she is not Zelda, but a Black Boss Bokoblin and some Black Bokoblins. You need to defeat them to proceed with this quest and since it is a closed area, we recommend using the Vows of the Sages, especially Riju’s Vow, to defeat them.

Once the monsters are defeated, you can also open a chest to find a Royal Halberd.

Zelda Location 2: Library in B3

Zelda’s next location is the Library on level B3 of Hyrule Castle.

The library is north of the second entrance door, so go out the door on the right and jump across the river. Then you need to climb the cliff and enter the tower. Inside you will find some arrows, a soldier’s bow, and a chest containing a royal shield.

Now you must climb the ladder inside the tower and, after jumping to the other side of the wall, head north. There will be a pair of Blue Lizalfos in this area, which you can avoid or defeat.

Cross this road.

As you cross the road you will come to a cliff where you can see the Serutabomac Shrine, which you will need to unlock if you haven’t already, and some Black Moblins. You will also be able to make out a roof on a section of the roof next to the cliff.

Go to this cliff.

What you need to do now is paraglide to this hole and descend through it to reach the library.

Head towards Zelda and you’ll find yourself facing a Black Hinox, along with a Fire Chuchu, an Ice Chuchu, and an Electric Chuchu. We recommend removing the Chuchu first to make it easier to move through the Hinox. You can also use Ascend to get to the balcony and avoid some of the Hinox, but he will throw explosive barrels at you when you are there.

With the monsters defeated, it’s time to find Zelda again. However, before you leave, it’s worth using Ultrahand to move the fake bookcase under the northern stars and visit the King’s Study. Inside you will find a royal shield, a royal sword, and a chest containing the boots of the Royal Guard.

Zelda Location 3: Staircase North of Library in B3

Zelda’s next location is not far from the library, and to get to it you just have to go up the stairs at the north end of the room before following the hallway.

Zelda’s third location in Hyrule Castle.

This time the forces you will face will be four Gibdo and one Gibdo Moth. Since you will be fighting them in a small space, we recommend using Riju’s Vow, which is obtained by completing the Temple of Lightning, to make it easier to kill these monsters. Also keep in mind that some of the Gibdos will hide in the stairs, so don’t let yourself get sneak attacked!

Zelda 4 Location: Princess Zelda’s Bedroom in B1

Now you need to visit Princess Zelda’s bedroom, which is located on the western side on level B1 of Hyrule Castle.

Zelda’s fourth location in Hyrule Castle.

To get to it, continue up the stairs and follow the path that leads you. This path will take you around the castle, but involves going through a tunnel full of Horriblins of various colors.

If you want to avoid this tunnel, you can use the paraglider to fly around the tunnel and land on a section of dirt on the other side. However, taking this route will involve getting back on the trail. There is also a Like Like hanging from an arch in this area!

Slide down to the ledge you can see on this screenshot if you want to avoid the Horriblin tunnel.

No matter which route you take, after the tunnel you’ll come to a section of the castle where you’ll see an Ice Like hanging from an arch, with a Blue Lizalfos and a Black Moblin standing on the wall above. You can ignore Ice Like for now, but you’ll need to defeat the two monsters on the wall before you have to get past them to get to Zelda.

Once the monsters have been defeated, go up the stairs near where the Blue Lizalfos once stood and then, possibly defeating another Lizalfos along the way, go up the next staircase.

When you reach the top, use Ascend before falling through the hole in the floor to where Zelda is. This will lead you to face three Fire Breath Lizalfos. Fortunately, they can be easily defeated by using ice-based attacks, such as fusing a white Chuchu jelly with an arrow.

Zelda Location 5: Western Room in B3

Zelda will now be waiting in a room below her bedroom on level B3 of the castle.

Zelda’s fifth location in Hyrule Castle.

The fastest way to get to this room is to go through the hole in the wall of Zelda’s bedroom and from there use the paraglider to fly to the correct level. It’s worth placing a Travel Medallion if you have one, so if you make a mistake you can quickly return to this point in the castle.

Jump from this balcony…

The door you’re looking for is under the tower, which is located almost parallel to Zelda’s bedroom, at the western end of Hyrule Castle.

and slide to this door.

Once you are inside the room containing Zelda, you will need to defeat a Silver Moblin and a couple of Ice Keese.

Zelda 6 Location: Southwest Room in B3

As long as Zelda is still in level B3 of Hyrule Castle and southeast of your current location, you cannot go directly to the room she is in now.

Zelda’s sixth location in Hyrule Castle.

Instead, use Ascend to leave the area you’re currently in and find yourself near the Ice you ignored on your way to Zelda’s fourth location. This time, however, you will have to kill this monster.

After doing so, continue moving forward until you find a set of stairs at the base of a ruined tower to your right. Now you simply need to go down the stairs and head down the hallway on the left that you will find down there.

Go down the stairs and then head left.

Zelda will disappear once more, and this time, you will have to defeat three Shock Likes.

Zelda Location 7: Shrine on the First Floor

Now it’s time to return to the beginning of our journey through Hyrule Castle: the Sanctuary.

Zelda’s seventh location in Hyrule Castle.

To get there, we recommend going back up the stairs instead of just using Ascend, as this can leave you in a pool of darkness. However, you can use Ascend once you’re at the top of the stairs before going up one of the cliff sections not covered by Gloom to the east. Depending on the monsters you defeated previously and the Blood Moon, you may need to defeat a Blue Lizalfos.

Use Ascend here.

At the top of this wall, climb the next wall to find yourself outside the Sanctum. Before going in, we recommend making sure you’re in full health, as well as gathering some powerful weapons and good food if you don’t already have them. It’s also a good idea to activate all of your Sage Vows, because they will help draw attention away from you during the next fight and allow you to access their abilities. You may also want to improve your attack and defense.

When you’re ready, head to the Sanctum and you’ll soon find yourself facing 10 Phantom Ganons in total. If you haven’t faced this monster before, we recommend that you quickly read our guide on how to defeat Ghost Ganon.

The first round of five Phantom Ganon will use swords, and once you defeat them, five more Phantom Ganon will appear. This next round of ghosts will cycle through all your possible weapons, from swords to clubs and spears.

During this part of the fight, one of the Phantom Ganon will occasionally start spreading Gloom across the battlefield. If you don’t stop this, you can easily find yourself surrounded by the dangerous Gloom and cornered by Phantom Ganons.

Hit the darkness-spreading ghost Ganon to deflect them.

Luckily, you can easily stop this by hitting the Gloom-spreading ghost three times. The easiest way to do this is to use the arrows, since you won’t have to enter Gloom. The Phantom Ganon will also be stunned for a few seconds afterward, allowing you to land good hits.

After defeating all the Phantom Ganons and viewing the cutscene, collect the heart container if you wish before heading back to Lookout Landing to speak with Purah.

The crisis at Hyrule Castle is now technically complete, but to mark it off your quest list, you’ll first need to find the fifth sage. This involves completing the main quests Find the Fifth Sage and The Secret of the Ring Ruins, as well as visiting the Temple of Spirits.

However, if you have already found the fifth sage, you will enjoy a pretty fun scene and then you can fight Ganondorf. Although you might also want to continue exploring Hyrule and if that’s the case, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.

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