Civilization 6 Maya: Lady Six Sky leader bonuses, unique units and buildings detailed

Maya is one of the first two new civilizations added to Civ 6 as part of the New Frontier pass. Going back to the game from previous editions, Maya’s leader is Lady Six Sky, who brings some interesting new units and buildings to the game.

Here, on this page, we will detail all the essential information about Lady Six Sky and her Mayan civilization, including all the unique units, buildings and bonuses she brings. For more information like this, it is worth taking a look at our guide to Gran Colombia and Simón Bolívar, which was launched at the same time.

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Civ 6 Maya: Lady Six Sky’s Bonuses, Unique Units, and Buildings Explained

Lady Six Sky is a leader of the Mayans focused on science and the military. Here’s a rundown of the key information before we get into some playstyle tips below.

Lady Six Sky’s Unique Ability: Ix Mutual Ajaw

  • Non-capital cities with 6 Capital slots gain +10% on all returns.
  • Other non-capital cities (those more than 6 tiles away from the capital) get -15% on all returns.
  • +5 combat strength to all units within 6 squares of the capital.

Maya’s Unique Ability: Mayab

  • Settlement next to fresh waters and coastlines does not provide additional housing. Instead, farms grant an additional +1 housing and +1 gold.
  • +1 amenity for each luxury adjacent to the city center.

Unique Mayan Unit: Hul’che

  • Ancient Era ranged unit that replaces the Archer with a strong ranged attack.
  • +5 combat strength when attacking a wounded opponent.

Unique Mayan District: Observatory

  • Unique science-focused district that replaces the Campus and is cheaper to build.
  • +2 science bonus for adjacent plantations.
  • +1 science bonus for every two adjacent farm or district tiles.

Tips for playing as Maya with Lady Six Sky in Civ 6

Lady Six Sky’s Mayan civilization is, of course, focused on science, but interestingly, it’s all about building “tall” buildings, rather than “wide” ones. In other words, you should focus on developing a small number of high-population cities, rather than a large number of low-population cities spread across the map.

Be very careful when placing your first cities, especially your starting capital, and make sure they are suitable for obtaining scientific bonuses; Therefore, they are close to a good number of mountains or jungles. Try to place as many as you can within 6 squares of your capital and then focus on growing their population.

That means making sure you have an excess of food, housing, and services in your main cities, which should mean your Mayab-powered farms stack up well.

Use the bonuses from those farms to rush into science-based profits early on. As for combat, run towards the archers so you can get your unique Hul’che out early and then get aggressive. When capturing cities, it will generally be better to simply raze them rather than take control, because their returns will be significantly hampered by the Mayab ability, aside from the odd strategic location you want to lock down just in case.

Scientific victory or victory by domination should be your goals. You can use your scientific prowess to facilitate more advanced military units or do the opposite, using a strong army early in the game to establish a good defensive position early on and fight your way to a scientific victory.

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