Celebrate Valentine’s Day by finding the Heart Hidden Among the Couples within 7 Seconds in this Brain Teaser!

Love is in the air! Every year, February 14 comes loaded with new emotions, enthusiasm, liveliness and, of course, love. Celebrated as Valentine’s Day around the world, February 14 is a promising day for many. Before we begin, we would like to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. May you receive all the love you deserve on this day.

Let’s go to today’s intelligence test.

IQ tests are often done to determine whether someone has a high or low intelligence quotient (IQ). The test measures a person’s cognitive abilities, that is, the ability to solve problems and reason logically.

There are several types of IQ tests, such as verbal, non-verbal, and full scale. These tests are usually exhaustive and tedious. Fortunately, there is also an exciting and fun way to test your IQ: brain teasers.

Brain teasers are probably the most fun and exciting way to measure a person’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills. And we have one ready for you.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and have fun along the way?

Let us begin.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by finding the heart hidden between couples in 7 seconds in this puzzle:

Let’s take a look at today’s puzzle.


Source: Dudolf.com

Only true puzzle champions can detect the poisonous plate within 7 seconds!

In this picture puzzle, you can see adorable couples celebrating Valentine’s Day together. You can see pairs of foxes, bears, butterflies and owls cuddling with their halves in this puzzle, the adorable cat being an exception.

There are flowers scattered all over the floor to romanticize the image. Apart from our lovely couples and the flowers, there is something else in the image that is perfectly hidden.

Specifically, there is a heart hidden among the flowers in the image.

Only experts can detect the thief in the mall within 4 seconds! Can?

The Valentine’s Day challenge for you is to try to find the heart hidden in the image in the indicated seconds.

Yes, as always, we have a set time limit for this brain teaser. You have 7 seconds to find the hidden heart in this brain teaser.

Prepare your tools (and eyes).

Can you solve this 4 pills puzzle in 4 seconds? You can try your luck!

Your time starts now!

Remember, 7 seconds and no more.

We have given the solution to this riddle at the end. But if you cheat, you won’t be able to tell whether you belong to the genius faction or not.

All the best!

We challenge you to find the fish hidden among the cats in 5 seconds!

The clock is ticking.

Have you already found the hidden heart?



And 1

Time is over!

Were you able to find the hidden heart in this special Valentine’s Day riddle?

If you couldn’t find the heart hidden among the flowers, scroll down to see the solution to the puzzle.

Can you spot the killer in the restaurant in 5 seconds? Test your observation skills!

Puzzle solution

In this picture puzzle, you had to find the heart hidden between the couples. In case you have not been able to detect the hidden heart, do not worry, we now reveal the solution to this riddle.


Source: Dudolf

We hope you liked this brain teaser.

Riddles improve mood and are scientifically proven to improve cognitive abilities and logical reasoning. In short, puzzles make you smarter and smarter. So make sure you solve them daily.

We have quite a few here.

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Only people with high brain power can detect the stranger within 3 seconds!

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