Can you find the hidden frog in this optical illusion picture in 11 seconds?

Optical Illusion Quiz: Optical illusions are mind-blowing images that challenge your perception and test your observation skills. There are three types of optical illusions: literal, physiological and cognitive.

The beauty of optical illusions lies in the way they capture the user’s attention for a short period of time. It turns out to be a good exercise for the brain.

Studies have indicated that optical illusions are also useful for improving concentration and observation skills.

Do you have good observation skills?

Let’s find out.

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Optical illusion: find the hidden frog in 11 seconds


Source: Imgur

The image shared above shows a riverside scene with stones scattered everywhere. The different colors of the stones make this image look beautiful.

Apart from the stones, there is a frog in this picture and the challenge for you is to find the frog within 11 seconds to complete the challenge successfully.

Optical illusion challenges like these are a good way to test your observation skills and intelligence. Although it is considered a good way to test your intelligence, it is not the only way to do it.

However, if you really want to know your IQ levels, professionally created IQ tests are the best way to find out.

Did you find the frog in 11 seconds?

Your task is to find the frog among the stones in 11 seconds.

It is not easy, as the frog cleverly hides among the stones, making it difficult to spot at first glance.

The best way to spot the frog in this image is to look closely so that your eyes register anything that resembles the shape of a frog.

It’s a great way to test your observation skills and situational awareness, and people with good observation skills will be able to spot the frog very easily.

Have you found the frog yet?

Hurry up; time is running out.

The frog is hiding somewhere in this image and people with good observation skills will easily find it within the time limit.

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Haven’t you been successful yet?

Looking for a clue?

Here it is.

The frog is similar to the color of the stones and is right in front of your eyes.

Now, have you seen the frog?


Time is over.

How many of you were able to find the frog?

Are you looking for the location of the frog in the image?

We will provide the solution for the location of the frog in this image.

For that, you need to scroll down to find the solution.

Find the frog in 11 seconds – Solution

The frog can be seen near a large beige stone and, as the frog is also beige, it has blended in with the stones.


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