Can you find the hidden easter egg in this optical illusion in 7 seconds?

Optical Illusion: Optical illusions are fascinating creations that trick our minds into believing that what we are seeing is real when in reality there is a completely different object.

Optical illusions are fun to solve and also provide a source of puzzle entertainment. It is also equally valuable in scientific research, where it helps scientists understand the way the human brain works.

From the above lines, we can conclude that optical illusions are important for research purposes, as well as excellent for some low-intensity brain exercises.

Do you want to try an optical illusion challenge to exercise your brain?

This optical illusion image will challenge you to find the hidden object within a specific time period.

Let us begin.

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Find the hidden Easter egg in 7 seconds

Take a look at the image below.


Image Credit: Feel Good Contacts

You can see that it is Easter time and the garden is beautifully decorated with various flowers and ornamental plants.

The garden looks beautiful with small pots of white chrysanthemums that look absolutely adorable. The stage is set for a great Easter celebration.

Easter celebration is fun when there is a challenge or a treasure hunt and you need to find the Easter egg hidden in the garden in 7 seconds.

The hidden egg is waiting to be discovered.

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Are you ready for the challenge?

Great, your time starts now.



Could you see the egg?


Look at the picture carefully, it is a beautifully decorated egg standing in one place.



Could you detect the egg?

Time is running out soon.





Time is over.

How many of you were able to detect the egg?

We think some of you were able to find the Easter egg. You have excellent observation skills or should we say excellent observation skills.

It’s a joke.

If some of you still haven’t been able to find the egg, we have provided the solution below.


Look at the pretty egg sitting on top of a flower pot in the left corner of the picture, the egg is red with white polka dots.

We hope you enjoyed the optical illusion challenge.

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