Burna Boy’s New Album, Did Burna Boy Drop a New Album?

New album by Burna Boy

Nigerian Afro-rhythm star Burna Boy has released his highly anticipated seventh studio album titled “I Told Them…”. Containing 15 energetic tracks, the album showcases Burna Boy’s distinctive African rhythmic sound and features collaborations with several renowned artists including 21 Savage, J. Cole, Dave and many more. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Burna Boy shared his thoughts on the album, explaining that the album is a major milestone in his journey.

He said the album was a response to those who doubted his success, noting that his past prophecies had come true. He likens the journey to that of a prophet, where he announces his accomplishments and watches them come to fruition, ultimately bringing with it a sense of vindicated triumph.

Has Burna Boy released a new album?

Nigerian African rhythm phenomenon Burna Boy has officially released his seventh studio album “I Told Them…”. The highly anticipated album features 15 energetic tracks and includes collaborations with 21 Savage, J. Cole, Dave and more. In an insightful interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Burna Boy highlights the album’s personal significance.

He said it was a response to skeptics who questioned his potential, and emphasized his accurate prediction of his current achievements. With a diverse repertoire and Burna Boy’s signature Afro-rhythmic style, “I Told Them…” promises a captivating musical journey that will not only resonate with loyal fans, but also attract new listeners.


Listen to Burna Boy’s new album

Burna Boy’s highly anticipated album “I Told Them…” is out, bringing listeners a collection of 15 captivating tracks. Collaborating with famous artists such as 21 Savage, J. Cole, Dave, etc., this album showcases Burna Boy’s unique style of African rhythms. Beyond the music, the album holds deep personal meaning for Burna Boy, symbolizing his journey and accomplishments while silencing doubters. “I Told Them…” not only reaffirmed Burna Boy’s musical identity, but also marked a major milestone in his remarkable career.

I told them…

I Told Them… is the seventh studio album by Nigerian music star Burna Boy, aka Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu. Released on August 25, 2023, the album is a testament to Burna Boy’s growth and artistic prowess in the music industry.

Consisting of 15 tracks in total, I Told Them… is a musical journey that showcases Burna Boy’s signature Afro-rhythmic sound while incorporating multiple collaborations. Renowned artists such as 21 Savage, J. Cole, Dave, Seyi Vibez and Byron Messia contributed their talents to the album, adding depth and dimension to its sonic landscape.

The album’s title is profound, reflecting Burna Boy’s journey to prove his doubters wrong and fulfill his successful predictions. Burna Boy encapsulates his personal growth, experiences and successes through his music, producing an album that resonates with listeners on a musical and emotional level.

Songs like “Sitting’ On Top Of The World,” “Cheat On Me,” and “Thanks” from “I Told Them…” offer a diverse blend of melodies and rhythms that capture Burna Boy’s unique perspective and speech. story capacity. The album not only underscores Burna Boy’s musical ingenuity, but also celebrates his journey as an artist who has become internationally renowned through his unique artistic talent and unwavering determination.

i told them… tracklist

The tracklist for Burna Boy’s highly anticipated album “I Told Them…” has been revealed. Consisting of 15 captivating tracks, this dynamic album showcases Burna Boy’s unique musical style. Collaborations with several well-known artists added depth and variety to the album’s sound, providing listeners with a rich and engaging experience. Here’s the full track listing for “I Tell Them…”:

  1. “I told them”
  2. “normal”
  3. “in form”
  4. “Sitting on Top of the World” (feat. 21 Savage)
  5. “Tested, Approved and Trusted”
  6. “Trick Me” (feat. Dave)
  7. “Virgil”
  8. “Big 7”
  9. “They Play”
  10. “City Boys”
  11. “Giza” (feat. Seyi Vibez)
  12. “Jewelry”
  13. “If I Lie”
  14. “Thank You” (feat. J. Cole)
  15. Taliban II (Burner Boys, Byron Meja)

Each song on the album contributes to the diverse, immersive musical journey that Burna Boy has crafted on “I Told Them…”.

Who is on the album “I Told Them…”?

Burna Boy’s album “I Told Them…” featured an impressive array of collaborations, highlighting his ability to seamlessly meld genres and styles. Artists such as 21 Savage, J. Cole, Dave and more grace the various tracks, enhanced by the album’s eclectic and energetic sound. These collaborations not only enhance the album’s artistic depth, but also reflect Burna Boy’s global reach and artistic diversity.

The addition of such diverse talent creates a unique listening experience, making “I Told Them…” a must-listen for loyal fans and music lovers around the world.

burner boy

Burna Boy, whose real name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, is a well-known Nigerian artist known for his career as a singer, songwriter and record producer. Known for his versatility. Born on July 2, 1991, he has become a prominent figure in the music industry with his unique musical style incorporating elements of Afro rhythms, reggae and hip hop.

Burna Boy’s stardom gained momentum in 2012 with the release of his breakthrough single “Like to Party,” which appeared on his debut studio album LIFE in 2013. His artistic talent transcends musical boundaries as he continually demonstrates his ability to write catchy lyrics and create mesmerizing melodies.

On the global stage, Burna Boy’s achievements have earned him recognition and acclaim. His growing influence is illustrated by his signings with Bad Habit/Atlantic Records in the US and Warner Music Group internationally. His album Outside (2018) marked his debut on a major label and set the stage for even greater success.

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