Brain Teaser: Only A Genius Can Spot The Mistake In This Picture of Dice in 7 Seconds! Can You?

Brain Teasers: There are many tools to measure an individual’s intelligence levels, but none are more fun or exciting than riddles, riddles, or other mental games. They awaken your inner competitive spirit and give you a dopamine boost that makes you feel happy. The feeling of immense satisfaction you get after solving a challenging problem is second to none.

This is why riddles and riddles are so popular today. People sit at their desks or work from home in a mundane environment all day. The moment you experience the slightest stimulus of the mind, you cannot help but receive more. It soon becomes a habit. And solving puzzles regularly should be everyone’s habit. It has no harm and only benefits.

Solving puzzles activates your brain’s pathways, improves mood and improves intelligence. You may not be born a genius, but you can become one with practice. In that sense, we bring you this viral riddle. A natural genius will be able to solve it in 7 seconds. Let’s see where you stand on intelligence standards.

Puzzle: Spot the error in the dice image in 7 seconds!

Puzzle dice image

Source: Bright Side

The above is a mental challenge that has gone viral on the Internet. The image consists of several dice. You must know what a dice is. It is a cube made up of six faces with numbers from 1 to 6 written on it.

The numbers are marked as small dots, usually black. 1 point means number 1 and so on.

In the puzzle image there are numerous dice. However, one of them is not right. There is a defective die in the package and you must locate it.

The time limit is 7 seconds. If you take longer, you will not pass the riddle test.

So are you ready? Relax your mind and let’s get started.

Your time starts now!

IQ test solution

The die in the lower middle part of the image indicates the number 7, which is impossible.

puzzle dice image solution

Hopefully, you had fun solving this puzzle quiz and found the error in the dice image within the deadline. If not, don’t worry. Nobody succeeds at new things. Keep practicing and you’ll be solving puzzles as nursery additions in no time. Very few people are born geniuses. Most of them inculcate good habits and develop a sharp mind to become intelligent.

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