Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only 3% Can Find What Is Wrong With This Ice Skating Picture In 6 Seconds?

There are many reasons why solving puzzles is great. To name a few:

  • Solving these brain puzzles regularly makes you smarter.
  • Riddles are great mood boosters.
  • They also improve the cognitive functioning of your brain.
  • As a bonus, these puzzles are also super fun to solve!

Having discussed the benefits of solving these puzzles online, let’s move on to the puzzle we have prepared for you today.

Are you ready?

Come on!

IQ test: only 3% can find what’s wrong with this ice skating picture in 6 seconds?

Look at the image below:


Source: Cool Side

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In this IQ test, you must figure out what’s wrong with this ice skating picture in 6 seconds or less.

Look at the photo above. You can see a child having fun on the ice skating rink. Next to the boy is an adorable dog chasing the ball. You can also see a snowman on the left side of the image with a carrot nose and a hat on his icy head.

Although things may seem normal, something is wrong with this image. Can you figure out what it is?

Rumor has it that only 3% have been able to find what’s wrong with this ice skating image in 6 seconds.

Are you ready to test yourself? Are you in the 3% or the 97%? Let’s find out!

Set a timer on your phone or watch up to 6 seconds because your time starts now!

All the best!

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We know you can do this!

In the meantime, here’s a fun fact!

Did you know that there is an ice volcano on one of Saturn’s moons?

Yes, you read it right!

One of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, has a “cryovolcano” near its south pole, which is a rare type of volcano that spews ice instead of magma.

How crazy is that!

Now, back to our puzzle.

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Have you already figured out what’s wrong with this ice skating picture?

If so, then congratulations. You have great observation skills.

If you haven’t, then don’t break your heart. Now we are going to reveal the solution to this riddle.

Puzzle Answer

In this brain teaser, you had to figure out what was wrong with this ice skating picture in 6 seconds or less.

The image of ice skating may seem normal at first, but it is not. There is an error in this image. If you look closer at the skater, you will find that the ice skate is bent on the boy’s left foot and you will notice that the ice skate has wheels. An ice skate with wheels will not work. So, that was the mistake in this ice skating picture puzzle.

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We also have the answer to the riddle highlighted. Take a look at the image below.


Source: Cool Side

We hope you liked this brain teaser. Make sure you solve puzzles regularly as they have a great impact on your brain, mood, cognitive abilities and intelligence.

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