Brain Teaser IQ Test: Find the Correct Colour Order Looking From the Top in 5 Seconds!

Riddles are challenging riddles that require the reader to find a hidden or lost object. These riddles are thought-provoking and can help awaken your hidden intelligence.

Finding hidden objects or patterns in text or images is a common requirement of puzzle challenges. This can improve your attention to details, visual acuity, short and long term memory, and visual acuity.

Additionally, these challenges can improve cognitive skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. It can also provide a fun and entertaining way to exercise your brain and keep you alert.

If you’re looking to sharpen your brain, you should try this brain teaser now!

Intelligence test: find the correct order of colors in 5 seconds


Source: Bright Side

In the image shared above, you can see a children’s toy with different colors and shapes.

The challenge for readers is to determine the correct color order of the toy as seen from above.

There are 5 options to choose from.

This brain teaser will test the sharpness of your brain.

Can you find the correct color order in 5 seconds?

Your time starts now!

Look at the image carefully.

Only the most attentive minds can quickly detect the correct order.

Have you identified the correct order?

Hurry up; time is running out.


Time is over.

Were you able to spot the correct color order within the time limit?

Congratulations to those readers who have successfully identified the correct color order.

You have a very intelligent brain.

Those who couldn’t, can scroll below to find the solution.

Find the correct color order in 5 seconds: solution

The correct color order viewed from above is indigo, sky blue, green, yellow, and red.


If you loved solving this brain teaser, share it with your friends and family and see who performs the best!

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