Brain Teaser IQ Challenge: Can You Guess Who Is The Boss In 7 Seconds?

Brain Teaser IQ Challenge: Riddles, riddles and riddles have been used throughout history as a measure of an individual’s intelligence. And with modern technology and the advent of the visual medium, puzzles are becoming more difficult to solve. People are also getting smarter, but nowadays even geniuses scratch their heads while solving puzzles.

Do you consider yourself intelligent? If yes, now is the time for you to show your skills.

Take this IQ challenge to find out if you are really smart or not.

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Can you guess who’s boss in 7 seconds?

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Below we present a scenario for you to analyze.

Three employees talk in an office booth.

Employee number one explains something enthusiastically and is dressed elegantly in a blue suit.

Number 2 is dressed casually in jeans, sneakers, and a yellow sweatshirt. He listens and thinks carefully while he looks at his colleague.

Number 3 is standing listening to Number 1. He has removed his glasses and is also dressed smartly in a formal suit.

There is a main desk in the cabin and three chairs, one of which is probably the boss’s chair.

You have to guess who is the boss among the three individuals. But the problem is that you only have 7 seconds. Can you guess who is the boss in 7 seconds in this mind-blowing Brain Teaser IQ Challenge?

Your time starts now.

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Brain Teaser IQ Challenge: Who is the boss’s answer?

Brain Teaser IQ Challenge: Who is the boss's answer?

Did you have fun solving this IQ challenge? Most of the people who got the answer right probably did. For others, better luck next time.

Let’s now go to the explanation.

Employee number 2 may simply be eliminated because he wears casual clothing while others dress formally. Not that it’s a certainty nowadays, but judging by his behavior and his seat (smallest desk, no computer, strange position), employee number 2 is definitely not the boss.

As for number 1, he has the disposition of a high-level man, but he is not the boss of the company either. Because? Because he’s wearing the blazer while the boss’s chair, the biggest one behind the biggest desk with the computer, already has a blazer wrapped around it.

This leaves only employee number 3 as the boss, who wears a shirt and pants without a jacket.

Furthermore, both employees look at number 3. Number 1 is speaking, while number 2 appears to be waiting for the boss’s response. All this leads us to deduce that employee number 3 is the boss.

We would like to remind you that these riddles are purely for fun and do not really test anyone’s intelligence. Those who guess the answers correctly are smarter than most, but that doesn’t mean those who don’t are stupid. It’s just a matter of good days and bad days.

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