Brain Teaser: Consider Yourself as Intelligent as Sherlock Holmes If you Can Find What’s Wrong With This Picture?

How are riddles defined? There is no universally agreed upon definition of riddles due to their wide range.

But in simple terms, we can say that a riddle is a puzzle that requires logic or problem-solving skills.

Many people enjoy riddles because they challenge their minds and encourage them to think creatively. You might be thinking: are riddles good for me?

First, answer these two questions.

Are you looking for ways to improve your memory?

If your answer is yes, go to the next question.

Are you looking to have fun while getting smarter?

If yes, you should definitely try solving puzzles. These can help you boost your brainpower, increase your memory capacity, and improve your critical thinking skills.

And we have one for you. Are you ready to be smarter?

We’ll start when it’s ready.

Look at the image below.


Source: Cool Side

What a beautiful day it is. The sun has risen and people have come to the city park to enjoy the sun.

But there is something very wrong with this image.

Can you figure out what’s going on with the riddle?

As we mentioned before, you only have 6 seconds to find out what happens.

Consider this a test of your skills.

Are you ready?

Get your glasses and magnifying lenses.

Your time starts now.

All the best!

Let us give you a little hint.

Puzzle Clue: Someone doesn’t belong in the park. Who is it? It’s up to you to find out.

The clock is ticking!

Have you already solved the riddle?

3… 2… and 1!

Time is over.

Let’s reveal the answer now.

We knew that the time limit of this brain teaser was quite limited, but what can we do?

Protocol demanded that we give you less time. Just kidding, this brain teaser is pretty easy to solve and that’s why we kept the 6 seconds limited.

Look at the lady in red.

No, not the lady in the red skirt. Look at the other one.

Pay close attention to the lady in the red top, standing in front of the children’s slides.


Source: Cool Side

What happens?

Look at his feet. She has two left feet.

We have no idea if she is a ghost, a specter, a demon or a witch.

But one thing is for sure: the lady in the red top is the one who is wrong in this picture.

If you were able to find what’s wrong with this picture puzzle in 6 seconds, congratulations!

However, if you couldn’t solve this puzzle in 6 seconds, we can only wish you better luck next time.

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