Borderlands 3 Show me the Eridium! event – how to find and spend Eridium explained

Show me the eridium! is part of the Borderlands anniversary celebration that will take place throughout October in Borderlands 3.

For one week only, you will have a chance to recover Eridium by killing any enemy.

You can exchange Eridium for powerful weapons and a variety of cosmetic items, which will make your Vault Hunter look very stylish.

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Show me the eridium! event bonuses in Borderlands 3

As the name suggests, Show Me the Eridium! Increases the amount of Eridium you can find when killing enemies in Borderlands 3.

Eridium drops have been added to all standard enemies, while if you are playing in Mayhem mode, the eridium drop rate has been increased.

The user price of Moxxi’s Vault Line slot machine has been reduced from 10 Eridium per play to 5.

You’ll also find that all items in Crazy Earl’s shop have also dropped in price, making it the perfect time to purchase a new Vault Hunter skin.

How to find Eridium in Borderlands 3, including Killing Circles

You are instinct during Show me the Eridium! It could be going out and starting killing enemies for those special purple rocks, but there are easier ways to take advantage of this event.

Combat is still the best way to find Eridium in Borderlands 3, but if you’re selective with your targets, you’ll be able to reap greater rewards.

Reviewing bosses is a great way to start. Defeating bosses like Captain Traunt or Katagawa Jr will net you a nice Eridium reward. To find these bosses, simply return to the place where you originally fought them.

Killing monsters from Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts or Zer0’s Opportunity Targets will also reward you with a substantial amount of Eridium. As with Borderlands 3’s bosses, you can fight these enemies multiple times by returning to where you originally found them.

If you prefer to enjoy the chaos of a long fight, participate in one of the three Killing Circles. These are side quests that allow you to fight waves of enemies, covering the battlefield with huge loot and, of course, Eridian.

The first Killing Circle can be found in the Meridian Metroplex on Promethea. Head to the lowest part of this area to find an elevator that will take you to the Cistern of Slaughter.

You can find the entrance to the Cistern of Slaughter here.

For the second, head to Konrad’s Hold on Pandora. Go to the upper level of this area, reached by jumping across the broken bridge, and opposite where you fight Manvark, you will find the entrance to The Slaughter Shaft.

You can find the entrance to The Slaughter Shaft here.

Finding the last Killing Circle is a little more complicated.

You must first head to Desolation’s Edge in Nekrotafeyo. Once you’re there, head to Maliwan’s base in this area.

Head to this location.

Continue until you reach the last part of the base, then run to the walkway to your right. Doing so will cause a side quest called “Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000” to appear on your map.

Interact with this message board to start ‘Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000’.

Start this mission, then return directly to Sanctuary III and visit the flight deck. Using the navigation computer, you will be able to travel to the Slaughterstar 3000.

In this spaceship you will be able to fight against waves of Maliwan soldiers.

Choose your favorite Circle of Slaughter, grab your best equipment and get ready for a long fight. In the end, however, you’ll have a precious stack of Eridium waiting for you.

What can you do with Eridium in Borderlands 3?

Once you’ve built up a nice stash of purple rocks, it’s time to spend them.

The main place to spend your Eridium in Borderlands 3 is Crazy Earl’s shop, which is hidden in Sanctuary III’s Cargo Bay.

You will find Crazy Earl behind a closed door in Cargo Bay.

In exchange for Eridium, Earl will sell you a variety of cosmetic items, including:

  • Vault Hunter Skins
  • Vault Hunter Heads
  • Emoticons
  • ECO Topics
  • Trinkets
  • Weapon Skins
  • Room decorations

If weapons are more your style, then Crazy Earl also has a vending machine next to his shop that sells Anointed Gear in exchange for Eridium.

Anointed gear is much stronger than typical Borderlands gear. Each piece of equipment has its own set of special attributes, some of which can enhance the action skills you choose.

There are five categories for Anointed Gear: Beastmaster, Gunner, Operative, Siren, and Universal. You can purchase anointed weapons, shields, and a grenade mod.

You can also bet your Eridium in the dedicated Eridium slot machine, Vault Line, in the Mad Moxxi bar in Sanctuary III. Placing your Eridium in this machine could reward you with high-level equipment.

You can always stake your Eridium with Vault Lines.

Finally, if you have reached Chapter Twenty-One, you will receive a special device called the Eridian Fabricator. Without giving too much away, in exchange for some Eridium, this device will allow you to craft the most useful items in the Borderlands universe.

Spoiler: It’s a gun that shoots guns.

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Borderlands 3 Show me the Eridium! event end time

The Borderlands 3 Show Me the Eridium event ends on Tuesday, October 22, and will be replaced by the next Borderlands Anniversary Celebration event: Mayhem on Twitch!

Like previous events during the anniversary celebration, Mayhem on Twitch should begin at the following times:

  • United Kingdom – 23:00 (Pacific Time)
  • Europe – 00:00 – midnight – (CEST)
  • US East Coast – 6 pm (EDT)
  • US West Coast – 3:00 pm (PDT)

Right now, show me the Eridium! will finish.

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