Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 2.0: Mayhem Mode difficulty and Modifiers list explained

Mayhem Mode 2.0 is a new game mode that you can unlock in Borderlands 3 after you have completed the main story.

Unlike True Vault Hunter mode, Mayhem mode allows you to apply a selection of random modifiers to your Borderlands 3 post-end save file. These modifiers can make your enemies more dangerous, but will increase your chances of finding rare loot and the amount of XP you receive.

Below you’ll discover how Mayhem Mode 2.0 works, as well as a list of Mayhem modifiers that can be applied to your game.

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Chaos Mode in Borderlands 3 explained

Mayhem Mode is a game mode that is unlocked after completing the main story of Borderlands 3.

Unlike True Vault Hunter mode, Mayhem mode affects your current save file. This means you don’t have to start a new game to enjoy Mayhem mode.

Mayhem mode will make the Borderlands galaxy much more dangerous by giving you and your enemies new effects. This can be anything from an increase in enemy health to an increased rate of fire.

Very dangerous enemies will appear if you play in Mayhem mode.

The levels of enemies you fight will also increase, bringing you closer to your own no matter where you are in the galaxy. It also increases your chances of receiving rarer loot, more XP, cash, and Eridium.

Thanks to Mayhem Mode 2.0, there are now ten different difficulty levels:

  • Chaos 1
  • Chaos 2
  • Chaos 3
  • Chaos 4
  • Chaos 5
  • Chaos 6
  • Chaos 7
  • Chaos 8
  • Chaos 9
  • Chaos 10

How do you activate Mayhem Mode 2.0 in Borderlands 3?

After watching the Borderlands 3 credits, you’ll be able to loot the final Vault and find the Vault Relic, which will unlock Chaos Mode.

Thanks to Mayhem Mode 2.0, you will no longer have to visit the Mayhem Mode terminal in Sanctuary III to change Mayhem Mode settings. Instead, there’s a new Mayhem Mode tab in your main menu, although you can still use the terminal if you prefer.

The Mayhem mode terminal.

The Mayhem Mode tab allows you to modify Mayhem settings and display both the statistics and modifiers that apply to your game.

The statistics section of this page details the percentage increase in XP, cash, eridium, and rare loot, as well as the increase in armor, health, and enemy shields. Below the stats you will find the modifiers, including a brief description of what each one does, that are currently being used.

To activate Mayhem mode, you must visit toggle it to “On” with the top option available in this menu.

Next, you need to decide what level of Mayhem you want to experience. There are ten levels to choose from, one being the lowest and ten being the highest, and as the level changes, the stats and modifiers will be modified according to the level you currently have selected.

If you want to have a specific Mayhem level, like four, but you don’t like the current modifiers, you can always reapply the mods, until you have some you like.

Once you are happy with your Mayhem level, select “Apply.”

Just remember, if you are in any location other than Sanctuary III when making these changes, the area will need to reload.

When Mayhem mode is activated, a small red skull will appear below your current level on the main game screen.

Constant stat boosts in Mayhem Mode 2.0 in Borderlands 3 explained

No matter which Mayhem tier you choose in Borderlands 3, each one will always increase five specific stats, which are:

  • Loot Quality
  • experience
  • Eridium / Cash
  • Enemy health, shields and armor

These stats increase as you progress through the different levels of Mayhem, with Mayhem 1 being the lowest and Mayhem 10 being the highest.

Below you will find the set increases for these stats at each level of Mayhem:

Chaos 1

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 100%
  • XP: Increase by 20%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 20%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: Increase by 200%

Chaos 2

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 300%
  • XP: Increase by 40%
  • Eridium/Cash: Increases by 40%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: increased by 400%

Chaos 3

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 500%
  • XP: Increase by 60%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 60%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: increased by 600%

Chaos 4

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 750%
  • XP: Increase by 80%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 80%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: increased by 800%

Chaos 5

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 1000%
  • XP: Increase by 100%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 100%
  • Enemy Health, Shields, and Armor: Increased by 1500%.

Chaos 6

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 1300%
  • XP: Increase by 120%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 120%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: increased by 3000%

Chaos 7

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 1600%
  • XP: Increase by 140%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 140%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: increased by 5000%

Chaos 8

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 1900%
  • XP: Increase by 160%
  • Eridium/Cash: Increased by 160%
  • Enemy health, shields and armor: increased by 7500%

Chaos 9

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 2200%
  • XP: Increase by 180%
  • Eridium/Cash: increases by 180%
  • Enemy Health, Shields, and Armor: Increased by 10,000%.

Chaos 10

  • Loot Quality: Increased by 2500%
  • XP: Increase by 200%
  • Eridium/Cash: Increased by 200%
  • Enemy Health, Shields and Armor: Increased by 12,500%

Modifier Difficulty Explained in Borderlands 3

Depending on the level of chaos you apply to Borderlands 3, you can have between one and four modifiers active at a time. The difficulty level of these modifiers will also be decided by the level of chaos you are currently in.

There are four difficulty modifiers in Borderlands 3: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard.

The number of mods and their difficulty level for each Mayhem level will always be the same, no matter how many times you reroll. Below you can find the number of mods applied to each level of Mayhem and the difficulty level of those mods:

chaos level Modifier one Modifier two Modifier three Modifier four
1 Easy
2 Easy Half
3 Easy Half Half
4 Easy Hard
5 Easy Half Hard
6 Easy Half Half Hard
7 Easy Hard Hard
8 Easy Very hard
9 Easy Half Very hard
10 Easy Half Hard Very hard

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List of Mayhem modifiers in Borderlands 3

Below you will find a list of all the possible chaos modifiers that can be applied to both you and your enemies in Borderlands 3:

chaos mod Difficulty Effect
acid reign Half Enemies can be infused with Corrosive, making them immune to Corrosive damage and releasing a Corrosive Nova upon death.
Big kick energy Easy Weapon damage increased by 25%. The recoil increased by 100%. Weapon spread increased by 100%.
Boundary problems Hard At close range, enemies will hit you with a damaging elemental beam.
buddy system Very hard Enemies can be supported by an invulnerability drone, which grants immunity until destroyed.
chain gang Hard Nearby enemies are bound by a damaging elemental beam.
Charred mode Half Enemies can be infused with Incendiary, making them immune to Incendiary damage and will release an Invendiary Nova upon death.
Cooling them gently Half Enemies can be infused with Cryo, making them immune to Cryo damage and releasing a Cyro Nova when they die.
Dazed and infused Very hard Enemies can receive a random element, making them immune to that type of damage and will release a Nova when killed.
drone ranger Hard Enemies can spawn a healing drone to support them. If the enemy dies, the drone will find a new target.
The ground is lava. Half Standing still in combat causes a damaging pool of inventory to form beneath you.
Freezing label Half Enemies drop a Cryo Orb when they die. Cryo Orbs constantly release Cryo Novas and are slowed when damaged.
galaxy brain Easy Enemy head size increases by 100%.
Healy Avenger Half When enemies die, they can drop a buff that will heal the first enemy they touch or drop health and shield buffs.
High voltage Half Enemies can be infused with Shock, making them immune to Shock damage and releasing a Shock Nova when they die.
Holy critic Very hard Critical hit damage increased by 25%. Non-critical hit damage is reduced by 50%.
laser fee Hard Enemies have a small chance to drop spinning traps when damaged. The spinners emit rotating elemental laser beams.
Lootspolosion Easy Killing an enemy has a 10% chance of getting big loot. Critical kills guarantee this.
Mass mentality Half Enemy damage and rate of fire are increased by 30% when you are close to other enemies.
More than good Boomer Easy Grenade damage increased by 25%. Enemies drop grenade ammo when killed, which may be live.
not the face Very hard Critical hit damage reduced by 75%
pain tolerance Half When damaged, enemies gain 3% damage reduction against the type of damage taken for 3 sections. The effect can be stacked 20 times.
Pool party Hard Enemies spew corrosive, shock, or incendiary puddles when their armor, shields, or health are depleted.
postmortem Very hard Killing an enemy releases Death, which follows you. If it’s your turn, you’ll enter Fight For Your Life.
Rogue Lite Very hard Fight For Your Life was removed. All enemies lose instant health upon death.
Killer Easy Non-boss enemies with less than 15% armor, shields, and total health turn blue and explode into shields and health boosts if they take melee damage.
speed demon Easy Movement speed increased by 50% for 10 seconds. The effect can stack up to three times.
Marked Hard Status effect damage against enemies is reduced by 90%.
totally radical Half Enemies can receive radiation, making them immune to radiation damage and releasing a radiation nova upon death.

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