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boiling point

Boiling Point is a British television show with four episodes. It was created by Philippe Ballantini, James Cummings and Stephen Graham. The series stars Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson and Hannah Waters. The first episode of the show airs on BBC One on 1 October 2023, with all episodes available on BBC iPlayer on the same day. It is produced by Ascendant Fox, Matriarch Productions and It’s All Made Up Productions.

The play is co-directed by Philip Barantini and Mounia Akl. It ties into the 2021 film Boiling Point, which was directed by Balantini and features many of the same actors.

Boiling point endpoint explained

At the end of the “Boiling Point” TV series, the story focused on the employees of the North Point restaurant. They each face personal challenges. Robin is getting ready for an important audition, but she runs into a problem because the bathroom is broken and she has Crohn’s disease. Jamie is returning to work after taking a break for mental health reasons and the team are excited to see him again. However, Dean criticized Robin for pursuing her acting dreams.

In this episode, we also get a look into the lives of other staff members. Camille deals with inappropriate behavior from a co-worker, Moussa talks about his family through tattoos, and Kit faces questions about their non-binary identities. The most tense moment of the episode occurs when Robin accidentally ruins the wedding cake, causing tension in the kitchen.

After the wedding, the team celebrated, but there was still some tension. Carly’s financial problems came to light when her mother told Andy that Carly had an unsuccessful date before joining her club colleagues. By the end of the night, each team member was dealing with their own personal challenges, and Robin finally opened up to Dean about her battle with Crohn’s disease.

The final scenes show each team member wrapping up their night and highlight their personal growth and experiences throughout the series. It’s a touching ending that reminds us of the importance of understanding and supporting each other during difficult times.

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boiling point release date

The TV series “Boiling Point” will be released on October 1, 2023. It is a sequel to the 2021 film and takes place six months after the film’s release. In the show, Carly, played by Vinette Robinson, is now in charge of her own restaurant whose employees once worked for her boss Andy (played by Stephen Graham).

The show covers a variety of important topics such as workplace stress, mental health, hidden illnesses, self-harm, gender identity, addiction, alcohol issues and financial struggles. The first episode of the series begins with a unique ten-minute single-shot scene that pays homage to the original. So if you’re interested in watching Boiling Point you can find it on BBC One, with all episodes available to watch on BBC iPlayer from 1 October 2023.

boiling point diagram

The TV series “Boiling Point” continues the story six months after the film’s release. Now, Carly (Robinson) is in charge of her own restaurant, staffed by employees who once worked for her boss, Andy (Graham). The show discusses many important topics.

It looks at workplace stress, mental health, hidden illnesses such as conditions you can’t see, self-harm, same-sex relationships, figuring out your gender, addiction issues, drinking too much and not drinking. enough money. There’s a special part in the first episode that’s like a homage to the movie. It begins with a shot that lasts ten minutes, which pays homage to the original film.

boiling point casting

Actor name


Vinette Robinson


Stephen Graham


Steven Ogg


Hannah Waters


Ray Pensaki


Gary Lamont


Ayn Rose Daly


Taz Skylar


Daniel Lackey


Stephen Macmillan


Hannah Traylon


Izuka Hoyle


Stephen Odubola


Sean Fagan


Joel McCormack


Ahmed Malik


Casey Tyson


Missy Haytham


Henry Meredith


Where to watch Boiling Point?

The Boiling Point TV series airs on Sunday 1 October at 9pm on BBC1. If you want to watch movies that precede the 2021 series, you can find them on Netflix. It’s a good idea to watch there to understand the story better. If you want a sneak peek, you can also watch the trailer for the 2021 movie.

This way you can enjoy the new series as it begins. So mark October 1st on your calendars, and if you’re curious about the movie, watch it on Netflix first before diving into the TV series.

boiling point trailer

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