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Top 10 Best Malayalam Movies of All Time


Best Malayalam Movies

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Best Malayalam Movies of All Time

The Best Malayalam Movies of All Time have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema, captivating audiences with their unique storytelling and artistic brilliance. Hailing from the beautiful state of Kerala, these films encompass a diverse range of themes, from soul-stirring drama to heartwarming comedies. With stunning cinematography, soulful music, and captivating performances, these cinematic gems have etched themselves into the hearts of movie enthusiasts worldwide. Each film on this list showcases the rich cultural heritage of Kerala while transcending linguistic barriers to appeal to a global audience. Whether it’s the touching portrayal of human relationships or the sharp commentary on societal issues, these movies continue to stand the test of time, earning their rightful place among the finest cinematic works in the history of Malayalam cinema.


10. Kayyoppu (2007)

“Kayyoppu,” directed by renowned filmmaker Ranjith, is a thought-provoking Malayalam drama that delves into the life of Balachandran, portrayed by the legendary actor Mammootty. Balachandran is a talented writer who is on the verge of getting published and possesses a profound love for literature. The film explores the intricacies of Balachandran’s life, painting a thematic richness with a compelling cast of characters. What sets “Kayyoppu” apart is its semi-documentary style of narration, which adds authenticity and depth to the narrative. As viewers embark on Balachandran’s journey, they are immersed in his world of aspirations, struggles, and dreams. The film beautifully portrays the emotional complexities of its characters, making it an engrossing watch for those seeking a deeply human and resonant cinematic experience.

9. Vanaprastham (1999)

Directed by Shaji N. Karun, “Vanaprastham” is a mesmerizing Malayalam film set in the 1950s. The movie revolves around the life of a Kathakali dancer, Kunhikuttan, portrayed brilliantly by the versatile actor Mohanlal. Kunhikuttan’s life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes entangled in a forbidden relationship with a woman from an upper-caste family, leading to the birth of an illegitimate child. The film weaves together the complexities of love, tradition, and societal norms, all beautifully encapsulated in the world of Kathakali. “Vanaprastham” is known for its dream-like quality, with stunning visuals and artistic direction that immerse the audience in the magical ambiance of the art form. Mohanlal’s performance is exemplary, adding depth and emotional resonance to the character. As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a poignant and haunting journey that explores the constraints of love and the sacrifices one makes in the pursuit of passion and art.

8. Bangalore Days (2014)

“Bangalore Days,” directed by Anjali Menon, is a heartwarming coming-of-age tale that follows the lives of three cousins who embark on a journey to Bangalore in pursuit of their dreams. The film boasts an ensemble cast featuring Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly, and Nazriya Nazim, among others, who deliver captivating performances that resonate with the audience. As the cousins navigate the ups and downs of life in the bustling city, they discover the intricacies of their hopes, dreams, and ambitions. “Bangalore Days” is a delightful watch, offering a perfect blend of joy, laughter, and poignant moments. The film’s soundtrack is another highlight, featuring melodious tracks that enhance the storytelling. With its relatable themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery, “Bangalore Days” remains a cherished favorite among Malayalam movie enthusiasts, capturing the essence of youth and the beauty of dreams.

7. Ramji Rao Speaking (1989)

“Ramji Rao Speaking” is a classic Malayalam comedy film released in 1989, directed by the duo Siddique-Lal. The movie follows the misadventures of three unemployed friends – Ramji, Balu, and Tony – who are struggling to make ends meet. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a plan to kidnap a wealthy man’s son for ransom money. As they venture into this risky scheme, chaos ensues, leading to a series of hilarious situations and misunderstandings. The film is known for its clever and witty writing, skillful performances by the lead actors – Saikumar, Mukesh, and Innocent – and its perfect blend of humor and suspense. “Ramji Rao Speaking” became a huge success at the box office and is still cherished by audiences for its timeless humor and memorable dialogues.

6. In Harihar Nagar (1990)

Released in 1990, “In Harihar Nagar” is a cult classic comedy thriller directed by Siddique-Lal. The film revolves around the lives of four close friends – Mahadevan, Govindan Kutty, Appukuttan, and Thomas Kutty – who live together in Harihar Nagar. Their peaceful life takes an unexpected turn when they witness a murder, and a bag full of money comes into their possession. As they try to deal with the situation and the fear of being implicated in the crime, a series of comical events unfold. The film’s first half is filled with humorous moments and camaraderie among the friends, while the second half takes a darker turn with elements of suspense and mystery. “In Harihar Nagar” was a massive hit and is fondly remembered for its memorable characters, witty dialogues, and a perfect blend of comedy and suspense.

5. Kilukkam (1991)

“Kilukkam,” released in 1991, is a heartwarming comedy-drama directed by Priyadarshan. The film revolves around the life of Joji, a tourist guide played by Mohanlal, who meets Nandini, a woman seemingly suffering from mental health issues, portrayed by Revathi. Joji’s compassionate nature leads him to take care of Nandini, unaware that she is a missing person with a substantial reward for her safe return. As their journey unfolds, Nandini’s condition improves, and she starts to uncover the truth behind her disappearance. The film’s strength lies in its endearing performances by Mohanlal and Revathi, who share a delightful on-screen chemistry. “Kilukkam” is a delightful watch that perfectly balances comedy, romance, and a heartwarming narrative, making it one of the most beloved films in Malayalam cinema history.

4. A Northern Story of Valour (1989)

“A Northern Story of Valour” is a gripping period drama set in 16th-century Northern Kerala, revolving around the life of young Chandu, brilliantly portrayed by Mohanlal. After losing both his parents, Chandu is adopted by his uncle and raised in his household. The film explores the complex dynamics between Chandu and his cousin Aromal Chekavar, played by the talented Thilakan, who harbors deep resentment towards him. As the story unfolds, we witness a tale of jealousy, betrayal, and honor within a martial artistry backdrop. With breathtaking cinematography, opulent sets, and authentic costumes, the film creates an immersive experience, transporting audiences to a bygone era. Based on folklore and history, “A Northern Story of Valour” is a captivating blend of action, drama, and emotion, showcasing the brilliance of Mohanlal and Thilakan’s performances, earning its place as a beloved entry in the pantheon of Malayalam cinema.

3. Manichitrathazhu (1993)

“Manichitrathazhu” is a spellbinding suspense drama that revolves around the character of Ganga, played by Shobana, who exhibits bizarre behavior after moving into a haunted ancestral mansion. Dr. Sunny Joseph, portrayed by Mohanlal, comes to her rescue, attempting to understand the mystery behind her condition. The film skillfully weaves elements of psychological horror, supernatural occurrences, and intricate character dynamics. Shobana delivers a powerhouse performance, leaving the audience in awe of her talent. Directed by Fazil, “Manichitrathazhu” boasts exceptional direction, compelling sound design, and a hauntingly atmospheric setting, making it an unforgettable cinematic experience. The film’s success led to remakes in multiple languages, further solidifying its status as a timeless classic and one of the most influential psychological thrillers in Indian cinema.

2. Kireedam (1989)

“Kireedam” is an emotionally charged drama that delves into the complexities of familial relationships and societal expectations. The film follows the story of Sethumadhavan, portrayed by Mohanlal, a young man who aspires to join the police force against his father’s wishes. However, a series of tragic events changes the course of his life, leading him into a world of crime and moral dilemmas. The film beautifully portrays the father-son relationship, with tender moments of love juxtaposed against the harsh realities of life. Mohanlal’s heartfelt performance as Sethumadhavan garnered widespread acclaim, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Directed by Sibi Malayil, “Kireedam” is a poignant exploration of human emotions, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of its viewers.

1. Sandesham (1991)

“Sandesham” is a satirical masterpiece that offers a humorous and scathing commentary on the political landscape of Kerala. Directed by Sathyan Anthikad and written by Sreenivasan, the film revolves around the rivalries between two brothers, portrayed by Jayaram and Sreenivasan, who lead opposing political parties. The film hilariously captures the chaos and absurdity of political campaigns, spin tactics, and the personal ambitions of politicians. Jayaram and Sreenivasan’s impeccable performances, coupled with the sharp and witty dialogues, make “Sandesham” a true entertainer with a powerful message. Despite being released in the early 1990s, the film’s themes remain relevant even today. Regarded as one of the finest satirical films in Indian cinema, “Sandesham” continues to be cherished by audiences and is celebrated for its bold and astute take on the political system.

How Have These Timeless Cinematic Gems Stood the Test of Time?

Over the years, the Best Malayalam Movies of All Time have demonstrated their enduring appeal and artistic brilliance, solidifying their status as timeless cinematic gems. Their ability to stand the test of time can be attributed to several key factors:

Innovative Storytelling: These films boast innovative and thought-provoking storytelling that goes beyond conventional narratives. They tackle diverse themes and subject matters, ranging from social issues to human emotions, leaving a lasting impact on viewers of different generations.

Strong Cultural Identity: Many of these movies beautifully showcase the rich cultural heritage of Kerala, emphasizing local traditions, art forms, and language. This connection with the roots of Kerala’s culture fosters a deep sense of nostalgia and pride among audiences, making the films resonate across generations.

Powerful Performances: The Best Malayalam Movies feature exceptional performances by renowned actors who have left an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences. Stellar portrayals by legendary actors like Mohanlal, Mammootty, Shobana, and others have contributed to the films’ timeless appeal.

Emotional Resonance: These movies touch upon universal human emotions, making them relatable to people from various walks of life. Whether it’s love, sacrifice, family bonds, or societal struggles, the films’ emotional depth evokes empathy and understanding.

Cinematic Excellence: The technical brilliance of these films plays a crucial role in their enduring charm. From mesmerizing cinematography to soul-stirring musical scores, the films exemplify top-notch craftsmanship that has stood the test of time.

Critical and Cultural Acclaim: Many of these movies received critical acclaim upon release and have since been celebrated as classics of Indian cinema. Recognition through prestigious awards and accolades has further solidified their reputation as timeless masterpieces.

Global Appreciation: Several Best Malayalam Movies of All Time have transcended regional boundaries and garnered international recognition. This global appreciation has helped the films reach a wider audience, securing their place in the pantheon of world cinema.

Influence on New Generations: These films continue to inspire aspiring filmmakers and actors, influencing the storytelling style and artistic pursuits of new generations in the Malayalam film industry.

The enduring appeal of the Best Malayalam Movies of All Time can be attributed to their innovative storytelling, cultural significance, powerful performances, emotional resonance, technical brilliance, critical acclaim, global appreciation, and lasting influence. These cinematic treasures continue to be celebrated and cherished, transcending time and leaving an everlasting legacy in the world of cinema.

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