Best Beaches in Ontario – Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

Best Beaches in Ontario 

Indulge in a picturesque paradise where serene shores meet crystal-clear waters – the breathtaking beaches of Ontario. Nestled within this Canadian province’s stunning landscape, you’ll discover a diverse array of coastal wonders that beckon sunseekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Ontario’s coastline, graced by the majestic Great Lakes and bordered by stunning rivers, offers a unique tapestry of sandy stretches and rocky alcoves, each with its own distinct charm.



Best For


Pinery Provincial Park Beach

Swimming, Nature


Canatara Park Beach in Sarnia

Sunbathing, Family Fun


Port Burwell Beach

Swimming, Relaxation


Bayfield Pier Beach

Photography, Relaxing


Grand Bend Beach

Water Sports, Entertainment


Port Stanley Beach

Fishing, Scenic Views


Little Beach (Near Port Stanley)

Secluded Relaxation


Turkey Point Beach

Boating, Fishing


Crystal Beach (Bay Beach)

Clear Waters, Swimming


Port Dover Beach

Sandy Beach, Family Time

As we embark on a journey through the best beaches Ontario has to offer, prepare to be captivated by the beauty that unfolds before your eyes. From the tranquil ambiance of secluded coves to the vibrant energy of bustling waterfronts, these beaches cater to every preference. Whether you’re yearning for a peaceful retreat, thrilling water sports, or simply a place to bask in the sun’s warm embrace, Ontario’s shores have something for everyone.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Ontario

Join us as we delve into the hidden gems and popular destinations along this enchanting shoreline. Explore the rich history and cultural significance of these sandy landscapes, and uncover the secrets that have drawn visitors for generations. Get ready to immerse yourself in the allure of Ontario’s coastal wonders, where every grain of sand tells a story and every wave whispers a soothing melody – a testament to the timeless allure of these best beaches.


1. Pinery Provincial Park Beach: Swimming, Nature

Pinery Provincial Park Beach, nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Huron, stands as a natural masterpiece within Ontario’s beachscape. This enchanting destination offers visitors a harmonious blend of serene waters and lush woodlands. The beach’s sprawling shoreline beckons both sunseekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Swimming at Pinery Provincial Park Beach is a delight. The clear, refreshing waters of Lake Huron provide an invigorating escape from the summer heat, making it a prime spot for families and friends to take a dip and cool off. Lifeguards ensure a safe environment for swimmers of all ages. Beyond the water, the beach’s sandy expanse offers ample space for picnics, beach volleyball, and sandcastle building, making it an ideal playground for both adults and children.

Nature takes center stage at Pinery Provincial Park Beach. Towering sand dunes, delicate flora, and diverse wildlife create an immersive natural backdrop. Trails wind through the adjacent forest, allowing hikers and birdwatchers to explore the region’s captivating ecosystem. Sunset strolls along the beach reveal breathtaking vistas as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the water.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

2. Canatara Park Beach in Sarnia: Sunbathing, Family Fun

Canatara Park Beach in Sarnia is a vibrant oasis that caters to sunbathers and families seeking a wholesome escape. The beach’s golden sands provide a welcoming canvas for those looking to soak up the sun’s rays and work on their tan. As a family-friendly destination, Canatara Park Beach offers a plethora of activities designed to entertain visitors of all ages.

Sunbathing is not the only allure of this beach. Canatara Park Beach is a haven for families, featuring a plethora of recreational options that guarantee an enjoyable day for everyone. A playground and splash pad delight younger visitors, while the beach’s inviting waters invite swimming and water sports. Picnic areas shaded by tall trees offer a place for families to gather and enjoy meals together, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the beach’s surrounding beauty. The park boasts well-maintained gardens, walking trails, and even a small zoo, providing opportunities for leisurely strolls and wildlife encounters. For those seeking both relaxation and adventure, Canatara Park Beach in Sarnia strikes a harmonious balance.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

3. Port Burwell Beach: Swimming, Relaxation

Port Burwell Beach, a tranquil gem along Lake Erie’s shoreline, is a sanctuary for those seeking the perfect blend of swimming and relaxation. This serene escape embodies the essence of a laid-back beach experience, inviting visitors to unwind and recharge against a backdrop of gentle waves and sandy shores.

Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Erie is a serene and rejuvenating experience at Port Burwell Beach. The calm, inviting waves create an idyllic setting for aquatic activities, whether it’s a leisurely dip or an invigorating swim. The gradual slope of the sandy beach into the water makes it an ideal spot for families with children to safely enjoy the lake.

Port Burwell Beach is a haven for relaxation. The serene atmosphere and minimal crowds make it a perfect destination for those seeking tranquility. The rhythmic sound of lapping waves and the gentle breeze rustling through the beach grass provide a soothing backdrop for unwinding with a good book or simply taking in the natural beauty that surrounds.

Each of these beaches in Ontario offers its own unique charm and attractions, catering to a variety of preferences and interests. Whether you’re seeking exhilarating water activities, quality family time, or a peaceful escape, these beaches have something special to offer, promising unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

4. Bayfield Pier Beach: Photography, Relaxing

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Huron, Bayfield Pier Beach stands as a serene haven for both photography aficionados and those in pursuit of relaxation. The tranquil ambiance of this beach makes it an ideal destination for those looking to unwind and rejuvenate amidst stunning natural beauty.

Photography enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by the breathtaking vistas that Bayfield Pier Beach offers. The iconic pier, stretching out into the cerulean waters, provides a compelling subject for capturing mesmerizing sunrise and sunset shots. The interplay of light and water creates a unique canvas for creative expression. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, this beach offers endless opportunities to capture the essence of Ontario’s shoreline.

Beyond its visual allure, Bayfield Pier Beach caters to those seeking a serene escape. The gentle lapping of waves against the shore provides a soothing soundtrack for relaxation. Visitors can stroll along the sandy expanse, collecting seashells and enjoying the rhythmic symphony of nature. The beach’s relatively tranquil atmosphere ensures that it’s an ideal spot to unwind with a good book or simply bask in the serenity of the surroundings.

Whether you’re aiming to hone your photography skills or unwind in a tranquil setting, Bayfield Pier Beach beckons with its unique blend of visual splendor and serene ambiance. It’s a destination that invites you to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and capture moments that will last a lifetime.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

5. Grand Bend Beach: Water Sports, Entertainment

Grand Bend Beach, nestled on the shores of Lake Huron, is a vibrant and energetic destination that seamlessly blends thrilling water sports with a lively entertainment scene. This beach is a mecca for those seeking an action-packed day by the water and an evening filled with festivities.

Water sports enthusiasts will find Grand Bend Beach to be a playground of aquatic adventures. The clear, inviting waters of Lake Huron provide an ideal setting for activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Adrenaline junkies can indulge in jet skiing or parasailing, relishing the exhilaration of skimming across the lake’s surface. The steady breeze off the water makes it a hotspot for kite flying, adding a colorful spectacle to the beach’s dynamic atmosphere.

As the sun begins to set, Grand Bend Beach transforms into an entertainment hub. The beachfront comes alive with live music performances, open-air concerts, and bustling street vendors. The lively atmosphere invites both locals and visitors to come together and celebrate, creating a sense of community and camaraderie.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker craving water sports or a traveler looking to immerse yourself in lively entertainment, Grand Bend Beach offers a seamless blend of both worlds. It’s a destination that caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that every moment spent here is filled with excitement and enjoyment.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

6. Port Stanley Beach: Fishing, Scenic Views

Nestled on the northern shore of Lake Erie, Port Stanley Beach beckons with its tranquil charm, making it a haven for fishing aficionados and those seeking stunning scenic vistas. This hidden gem offers a peaceful escape where the art of angling and the allure of natural beauty harmoniously coexist.

Fishing enthusiasts will find Port Stanley Beach to be a paradise. The calm waters of Lake Erie teem with a variety of fish species, providing an ideal setting for both novice and experienced anglers. Cast your line from the pier or embark on a fishing charter to explore deeper waters in pursuit of the day’s catch. The experience of waiting patiently for a tug on the line, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature, creates an unforgettable connection to the water and its inhabitants.

Beyond its fishing charm, Port Stanley Beach boasts panoramic scenic views that evoke a sense of tranquility. The expansive stretch of sandy shoreline is flanked by gentle dunes and complemented by the vast expanse of Lake Erie’s azure waters. The stunning sunsets paint the sky with hues of orange and pink, casting a spellbinding aura over the beach.

Whether you’re casting your line into the water or simply basking in the serenity of the surroundings, Port Stanley Beach offers an idyllic retreat. It’s a destination that celebrates the art of fishing and invites you to immerse yourself in the splendor of nature’s beauty.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

7. Little Beach (Near Port Stanley): Secluded Relaxation

Little Beach, nestled near the charming town of Port Stanley in Ontario, offers a serene and secluded escape for beach enthusiasts seeking tranquility and relaxation. Tucked away from the bustling crowds, this hidden gem provides a peaceful haven to unwind and soak up the natural beauty that Lake Erie has to offer.

Visitors to Little Beach will find themselves surrounded by breathtaking vistas of pristine sands, gently lapping waves, and a sense of complete privacy. The beach’s relatively quiet atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway or individuals seeking solitude.

While the beach may be little in size, it certainly doesn’t lack in charm. The soft golden sands invite you to kick off your shoes and take leisurely strolls along the water’s edge. The calm waters make it a great spot for wading or simply sitting by the shoreline with a good book.

Whether you’re sunbathing, building sandcastles, or enjoying a picnic with loved ones, Little Beach provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful day by the water. Don’t forget to capture the stunning sunset views that paint the sky with hues of orange and pink as the day comes to an end.

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature without the distractions of a busy beach scene, Little Beach near Port Stanley is a must-visit destination that promises relaxation, serenity, and a chance to reconnect with the simpler pleasures of life.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

8. Turkey Point Beach: Boating, Fishing

Turkey Point Beach, located along the north shore of Lake Erie, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a mix of aquatic adventures. This beach is renowned for its fantastic boating and fishing opportunities, making it a hotspot for those who love to explore the waters and indulge in angling activities.

The expansive shoreline of Turkey Point Beach is a gateway to a world of water-based excitement. Boaters can set sail from the beach’s shores, venturing out onto the clear blue waters of Lake Erie. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice boater, the tranquil lake provides a picturesque setting for a day of cruising.

Fishing enthusiasts will also find themselves in their element at Turkey Point Beach. The lake’s waters are teeming with various fish species, making it a popular spot for casting a line and hoping for a rewarding catch. Whether you’re fishing from the shore or taking a boat out to deeper waters, the thrill of reeling in a prized fish is an experience to remember.

In addition to its aquatic attractions, Turkey Point Beach offers sandy shores perfect for sunbathing, picnicking, and beach volleyball. The surrounding area is dotted with cozy cottages and campgrounds, making it an excellent destination for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.

For those who are drawn to the allure of boating and fishing, Turkey Point Beach presents a haven of waterborne activities, ensuring an unforgettable and action-packed visit for visitors of all ages.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

9. Crystal Beach (Bay Beach): Clear Waters, Swimming

Crystal Beach, also known as Bay Beach, lives up to its name by offering visitors a truly crystalline and inviting swimming experience along the shores of Lake Erie. Nestled near the town of Fort Erie, this beach is a beloved destination for families and beachgoers seeking refreshing waters and a lively atmosphere.

The main attraction at Crystal Beach is, undoubtedly, its clear and shallow waters. The calm waves and pristine sands make it an ideal location for families with young children to enjoy safe and enjoyable swimming. The gradual slope of the lake bottom ensures that even novice swimmers can comfortably wade into the water with ease.

Beyond swimming, Crystal Beach offers a variety of recreational activities to keep visitors entertained. The beach features well-maintained picnic areas, making it a perfect spot for sharing a meal with loved ones while enjoying the picturesque lake views. Beach volleyball courts invite friendly competition and the opportunity to make new friends.

The nearby Crystal Beach Amusement Park adds an extra element of fun to the beach experience, with exciting rides and games that appeal to visitors of all ages. The combination of sandy shores, clear waters, and nearby attractions make Crystal Beach a sought-after destination for both locals and tourists alike.

For those seeking a classic beach experience with the added bonus of crystal-clear waters and family-friendly amenities, Crystal Beach (Bay Beach) is a perfect choice that promises endless hours of sun-soaked enjoyment.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

10. Port Dover Beach: Sandy Beach, Family Time

Port Dover Beach, situated on the northern shore of Lake Erie, is a quintessential family-friendly beach destination that beckons with its sandy shores and warm, inviting waters. This charming beach town offers a perfect setting for quality family time, complete with a range of recreational activities to suit every member of the family.

The expansive sandy beach is the centerpiece of Port Dover’s allure. Soft golden sands provide an ideal playground for building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply basking in the sun’s rays. The calm waters make swimming a delightful experience, offering a safe haven for kids and adults alike to splash and frolic.

One of the highlights of Port Dover Beach is its vibrant and lively atmosphere. Throughout the summer, the beach hosts a variety of events and festivals, creating a sense of community and camaraderie among visitors. From fireworks displays to beachfront concerts, there’s always something exciting happening along the shores of Port Dover.

The town itself is a treasure trove of quaint shops, charming cafes, and eateries that serve up delicious treats and local flavors. Strolling along the waterfront promenade and exploring the nearby attractions add to the overall charm of a visit to Port Dover Beach.

Whether you’re looking to build sandcastles with your children, take a refreshing swim, or simply relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Erie, Port Dover Beach offers a delightful family-friendly escape that promises cherished memories for years to come.

Best Beaches in Ontario - Top 10 Wonderful Sea Shores

Top Beaches in Ontario

The best beaches in Ontario offer a diverse and captivating range of experiences for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat, thrilling water sports, or family-friendly activities, Ontario’s shores have something special to offer. From the tranquil oasis of Port Burwell Beach to the vibrant energy of Grand Bend Beach, each destination paints a unique picture of natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

These top 10 beaches in Ontario are a testament to the province’s rich coastal tapestry. Pinery Provincial Park Beach invites you to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, while Canatara Park Beach in Sarnia caters to sunbathers and families seeking fun-filled days. Bayfield Pier Beach captures the imagination of photography enthusiasts, and Crystal Beach’s clear waters beckon swimmers of all ages.

Port Stanley Beach and Little Beach near Port Stanley offer a mix of fishing, relaxation, and secluded charm, while Turkey Point Beach provides a haven for boating and angling enthusiasts. The lively atmosphere of Grand Bend Beach and the family-friendly appeal of Port Dover Beach round out the list, ensuring that every beachgoer’s desires are met.

As you explore these best beaches in Ontario, you’ll discover more than just sand and water – you’ll uncover stories, experiences, and moments that linger in your heart and mind. Each beach is a chapter in Ontario’s coastal narrative, a testament to the province’s natural beauty and its ability to provide both adventure and tranquility to those who seek it. So whether you’re a local seeking a weekend escape or a traveler embarking on a new adventure, Ontario’s beaches are waiting to welcome you with open shores and endless possibilities

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