Assassin’s Creed Origins weapons – how cursed and legendary weapons work and more explained

Assassin’s Creed Origins weapons, as a system, differ quite a bit from previous installments. The obvious change is a new leveling system, but there are also a variety of modifiers, upgrades, and weapon types to consider.

Here on this page we’ll explain things like how to get legendary weapons as reliably as possible, how cursed weapons work, and much more about the system in general.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Weapons Explained: How Cursed Weapons, Legendary Weapons, and More Work

There are a huge number of weapons in Origins, varying in quality, level, type, and more. We certainly won’t list them all here, but what we will do is explain how exactly that system works, from acquiring weapons to modifying them to keep up with your own level as you progress.

Legendaries will appear in gold in your inventory, rare ones in purple, and common ones in blue. Typical pre-order bonuses and add-ons will give you legends like these right from the start.

Types of weapons:

In terms of simple category of weapons, there are several types that you can find. Each weapon type has a unique bonus attribute that is present for all weapons of its type. Here’s a quick list of what’s what:

  • Swords – Critical Hit Rate: Gives a percentage chance to land a critical hit.
  • Sickle Swords – Bleed on Hit: Grants a percentage chance to deal bleed damage over time.
  • Dual Swords – Adrenaline Regeneration: Generates a small amount of adrenaline points per second.
  • Heavy Blunts – Adrenaline on Kill: Gain a large amount of adrenaline points by killing an enemy.
  • Heavy Blades – Adrenaline on Damage: Gain a medium amount of adrenaline points on damage.
  • Scepters – Combo Multiplier: Damage multiplied by a set percentage on each hit.
  • Spears: Critical Hit Damage: Critical hits deal a certain percentage of increased damage.
  • Hunter Bows: Charging Speed: Your bow’s charging duration is reduced by a set percentage.
  • Light Bows – Firing Speed: Bows’ firing speed increased by a set percentage.
  • Warrior Bows – Accuracy: Arrow spread is reduced by a certain percentage.
  • Predator Bows: Stealth Damage: Your bow’s damage increases by a set percentage while you are undetected.

Weapon Attributes and Modifiers: Cursed Weapons and More:

Therefore, each weapon type has its own set attribute, but it doesn’t end there. Not only are there the eleven Attributes mentioned in the list above, but there are also a number of other modifiers, from poison to cursed, that your weapons can have.

Each weapon (or shield) can have up to three attributes in total, which is dictated by the rarity of the weapon. Common weapons have only the standard attribute, rare weapons have two, and legendary weapons have three.

The cursed weapons are probably the most intriguing. A cursed weapon will deal a whopping 200 percent more damage than normal, like in a extra 200 percent, meaning the damage is tripled. But the cost of this is that your health will be capped at just 33 percent, meaning you’re trading two-thirds of your health for another double of your total damage. Unequipping the weapon or, of course, getting rid of it completely will make the effects of the curse wear off, if you don’t feel like it!

Other effects can range from regaining health on a hit to dealing additional damage from a height, so keep a close eye on the weapons you pick up as you go to see if anything is particularly useful.

How to get legendary weapons in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Speaking of picking up weapons on the go, if you’ve had your teeth sunk into Origins for more than an hour or so, or have simply piqued your interest with the information above, you’re probably wondering how to get legendary weapons. particular.

While not as unique as the top-tier weaponry you’ll find in other games with remarkably similar similarity ratings (tos, Shadow of War, Destiny, other games released in 2017…), the legendary weapons in Assassin’s Creed Origins at least They are guaranteed to be useful as long as they have three full bonus effects on each of them.

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to get a steady stream of legendary weapons in Origins, but there are at least a few things you can do to get a handful of them as you go or speed up the process of waiting for RNJesus.

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How to get legendary weapons in Assassin’s Creed Origins

  • Killing Phylakes: Probably the safest way to get legendary gear is to kill Phylakes, bounty hunter-style enemies who will start tracking you after completing the main story quest Gennadios the Phylakitai. We have more information on these in our dedicated Phylakes’ Prey guide, but in short, each kill will net you a legendary, and defeating all ten will net you a special legendary outfit.
  • Exploding Loot Boxes – And you thought you could escape the loot box craze. Think again! Track down Nomad’s Bazaar, an in-game vendor, and hand over a whopping 3,000 drachmas to get a Heka Chest (Loot Box) that gives you a rare or legendary weapon each time. Enjoy!
  • Papyrus Puzzles – These little treasure map puzzles will lead to some really cool loot every time and are just as good as Phylakes as a source of legendary weapons. There are 25 in total and we have a guide to each Papyrus Puzzle solution and location waiting for you.
  • Complete Side Quests: Finally, another great source of legendaries are side quests. Once again, I have a guide to Assassin’s Creed Origins side quests and how to complete them quickly, but in short, there are some set quests that grant legends and others that give you a good chance of getting them. They are worth grinding!

Before you start hunting, it’s worth keeping one last thing in mind when it comes to weapons in general: fortunately, weapons can be upgraded at the in-game blacksmith. This raises them to your level in the game, meaning that awesome legendary you caught at the start of the game can grow with you at all times.

It also means that it’s probably more efficient to grab at least one decent legendary early on, so you’ll have a great weapon with you at all times… so you better get to work!

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