Assassin’s Creed Origins guide, walkthrough and tips for AC: Origins’ Ancient Egyptian adventure

The Ancient Egypt-spanning stab Assassin’s Creed Origins marks the return of the franchise after a two-year hiatus and apparently also a return to form, featuring some stunning sights and a frankly huge world of things for you to enjoy. do.

Here on this page you will find our Assassin’s Creed Origins guide and walkthrough hub, which includes a content of links to all of our guides and walkthroughs through the story, as well as a number of general guides, hints and tips further down on the page. .

Tips, tricks and everything you need to know about Assassin’s Creed Origins

With those specific guides out of the way, here are some other miscellaneous tips and tricks to make the most of your Egypt adventure.

Story progression and side quests

Each story mission has a suggested level to tackle it and, for the most part, you should try to stick to it. Being a level or two lower will usually work, but if there’s too big a gap, you may find it literally impossible to complete a mission as you won’t be able to deal any damage. Fortunately, the game offers many side quests and detours to level up.

As you travel the world following the plot, we suggest completing most of the side quests in a region before leaving it; This should keep you on track with the suggested levels and will also eliminate having to backtrack too much.

The world of origins

The first hour or two of the game is fairly linear, but it will eventually open up and give you free rein to come and go as you please. After arriving in Alexandria, you’ll be able to head on foot, horseback, or camel to any of the unknown regions on the map, though we suggest checking the suggested level ranges before rushing in; They won’t prevent you from entering, but any opposition you encounter in the region will be within that range, so it can be dangerous to aim too high.

When you enter a region for the first time, your first port of call should be to unlock at least one fast travel point so you don’t have to return again. (Note that not all regions have one.) These will also reveal the locations of additional side quests and points of interest in the surrounding area, so if you’re looking for something to do, they’re a good place to start.

Combat and stealth

While direct confrontation is sometimes unavoidable, many of the game’s encounters can be simplified or even avoided entirely by remaining out of sight. Use rooftops and tall grass for cover and get into the habit of sending Senu on a reconnaissance flight before entering restricted areas; Marking the location of your target and any wandering enemies makes life much easier.

That being said, there are times when being discovered can be to your advantage. If you’re trying to access a heavily guarded area, you can pick up a fight and then flee, leading your enemies to a more convenient location and then sneak out of sight and head toward your objective unhindered.

Bill Paying Skills

As you level up, you’ll receive skill points that you can spend on unlocking new skills, and we recommend trying to maintain balance rather than concentrating all your skills in one area – having a wide set of skills gives you more flexibility. in their way of approaching different situations.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips You Should Know Before You Go:

It’s a big world, full of dangers, mysteries and other interesting things, so last but not least, here are our top tips on things to remember while venturing out under the scorching sun:

  • Loot everything! Use your Animus Pulse regularly to reveal items you can steal, and don’t forget to scavenge the corpses of defeated enemies. You’ll find crafting materials, weapons, money, and trinkets that you can sell to merchants; It’s much easier than working for a living.
  • Discretion is the best part of courage. You can beat the game by running everywhere waving a sword, but it will make your life much more difficult. Proceed with caution and don’t be embarrassed to run and hide if things get too hot.
  • Don’t forget to do crafts. We’ll cover the specific details of crafting and obtaining materials elsewhere, but it’s worth emphasizing here: keep an eye out for the items you need to upgrade each item and take an occasional detour to go out and collect them.
  • Just because it’s not on the map doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you have suspiciously empty areas in a region, even after unlocking all the fast travel points, it may be worth doing a quick sightseeing trip; There’s not always something there, but it’s often worth checking.

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