Apex Legends Treasure Packs explained: How to get Treasure Packs and their rewards

Apex Legends Treasure Packs are a new addition to Season 5 and tie into the introduction of the new Apex Legends character, Loba.

Treasure Packs are another form of reward to find, but they also tie into a new seasonal quest, The Broken Ghost, where earning them regularly is key to unlocking more secrets.

This page explains how to get Treasure Packs in Apex Legends and what to do with Treasure Packs once you have them.

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How to get treasure packs in Apex Legends

Treasure Packs are a new item introduced in Season 5, with 45 available to collect throughout the season.

You can find a treasure pack by playing competitive games (duos, trios, and ranked). Treasure packs are found randomly when opening loot caches. If successful, one will jump and fall to the ground, where you can pick it up.

When you pick one up, the treasure packs will not appear in your inventory during the game, but will open again on the lobby screen.

You can only collect one treasure pack per day. However, they can appear in multiple matches regardless of whether you have already found one or not. If you see another one you don’t need, you can always leave it for a team member to pick up.

Like everything else, you can ping it to alert it to someone else’s attention.

In our initial experience, treasure packs are pretty common – we found one every other match while searching for loot caches. Since it’s important that you collect them as regularly as possible throughout the season, as long as you remember to play one or two matches a day (perhaps while clearing out your dailies), you’ll likely get a treasure pack in the path. .

It’s also worth noting that Treasure Packs don’t reset at the same time as daily challenges; Once you have collected a Treasure Pack, it will begin a 24-hour cooldown.

Can treasure packs be lost in Apex Legends?

Since you can only collect one treasure pack per day and the season has a finite duration, you may be missing the full 45 treasure packs if you don’t play regularly.

However, you can catch up on Treasure Packs by purchasing them for 25 Apex Coins each (excluding Belgium). Again, everything will be available to collect in-game for free if you remember to register and play regularly.

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What to do with treasure packs in Apex Legends

Treasure Packs unlock two things:

  • Treasure Pack Rewards. In addition to the usual Season Pass rewards, Treasure Packs will also unlock a host of other rewards, such as XP, Apex Packs, and Crafting Materials, with each Treasure Pack you earn.
  • Unlock hunts. For every five treasure packs you earn, you’ll unlock the chance to play the next hunt, when it becomes available.

Hunts are unique missions that you can play alone or with a squad and allow you to enter Kings Canyon at night to collect artifact pieces. There will be a total of nine hunts, with an artifact piece to collect upon completion, as well as an exclusive weapon charm for your efforts.

The first hunt, The First Piece, launched on Tuesday, May 19, and more hunts will be available weekly thereafter.

A look at hunts in Apex Legends.

Unlike Treasure Packs, once unlocked, you will have until the end of the season to complete each hunt, and you will be able to replay each one until the season ends.

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