Animal Crossing Stringfish: How to catch and find the river clifftop location

Stringfish is one of the hardest fish to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Since it only appears four months a year, time is of the essence when finding one.

This page explains everything you need to know about catching a threadfish, from time to location, so you can catch it before it leaves your island for the year.

If you are looking for help with other fish leaving the Northern Hemisphere at the same time, our sturgeon page can help.

Where is the top of the river cliff and how do you catch a threadfish there?

The river cliff is any elevated part of the river in the north of the island.

To access this you need to have unlocked the Ladder, a tool that allows you to climb the cliffs.

The clifftop area features the river’s source and several waterfalls, but as long as you fish within this elevated river (and not, for example, in a clifftop pond), Stringfish can appear after the 4 p.m.

Focus on any elevated river that you have to use the ladder to access and look between 4:00 pm and 9:00 am

The Stringfish is a large fish, so it is easy to distinguish compared to other types. If you can’t see any, run away from the river and return to it to “refresh” what appears there.

If nothing appears, remember to use fish bait to force a fish to spawn at your location.

Alternatively, one tactic is to visit a Mysterious Island that has a river on top of a cliff. These are rare, so you may need a few visits before you find one, but the benefit is that on Mystery Islands you will see a higher reproduction of fish compared to your island.

You can then promote fish spawning in specific locations by scaring away fish in other parts of the river by casting your lure and then removing it just as they are about to bite.

If you start at the top of the river cliff, continue downstream to the sea, scaring the fish as you go, when you return to the top of the cliff a fish should have spawned where you started. Obviously, it’s not guaranteed to be a Stringfish, but it saves you from creating and burning a bunch of fish bait on your own island.

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Ultimately, as with any rare fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, catching the fish you need requires luck and a lot of patience. Take in everything you see and it will eventually appear.

For us, this involved catching a lot of other fish along the way, so if you run out of space, bank them to sell later, or take a break and head to the shops to clear out your inventory.

Also, check that you are fishing at the right time; Threadfish only appear in the evening hours from 4 pm, before disappearing at 9 am

Our advice is to start trying to fish it as soon as possible, as marathon fishing sessions can become tiring as you approach the deadline at the end of the month.

Best of luck! Once you’re done, remember to make sure you’ve caught all the other fish that come out at the end of the month, which, for those in the northern hemisphere, includes sturgeon.

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