Animal Crossing Pocket Camp error codes 802-7609, 802-4809, 802-4009 and other known issues

If you downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp at launch, you may already be encountering an error code or two.

As with other Nintendo mobile games, such as Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp can only be played with an online connection, which means you may encounter server errors and other connection-related issues.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Error Codes 802-7609, 802-4809, 802-4009 Explained

If you are loading the game, you may encounter various error codes, such as 802-7609, 802-4809, or 802-4009, with the message “A communication error has occurred. Please try again later.”

This is due to high traffic. Just released, the game is in high demand and is inundated with people trying to connect once, which is common for any new online game; just look at the recent release of Call of Duty WW2.

Nintendo says that “the issue continues to occur intermittently” and that it is investigating (in the meantime, Nintendo has given everyone 20 free Leaf Tickets as an apology).

So if you see these particular error messages, they have nothing to do with your phone or connection, so be patient and try logging in later, when hopefully everything will have sorted itself out a bit.

That said, if you can move to a more stable connection, like Wifi, that might help, as well as other general troubleshooting issues, like restarting your phone or app.

Other Animal Crossing Pocket Camp error codes explained

In addition to general connectivity issues, there are other error codes that you may encounter while playing. Here are a few we’ve found and when:

  • 802-0809 (inter-area charging)
  • 802-0909 (mailbox error)
  • 802-1009 and 802-1109 (when trying to access friend lists)
  • 802-1909 and 802-2509 (after leveling up Friendship or receiving a gift)

Please note that the above is not exclusive to those activities. In most cases, pressing Retry would cause the activity to finally load. As with general connectivity issues, be patient and try again, and if there is the option of a more stable connection, that may help.

One important thing to note is that the game will automatically save everything you do, so if the game crashes, restarting the app will not result in any loss of data or progress.

Another error code to look out for is one seen primarily pre-release, specifically during the game’s soft launch in Australia, which was used to test the game before a wider release.

Some players encountered 802-5874, which appeared to be whether players were playing through an Android emulator or a rooted phone (which allows you to have greater access through the phone at the system level).

Now that the game is fully available, there’s no reason to download an APK, so trying to play on a regular, non-rooted phone should alleviate this issue.

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