Animal Crossing kudos explained: How to give kudos to friends and other players for Friend Powder in Pocket Camp

Congratulations from Animal Crossing is a new feature in the series, introduced in Pocket Camp for mobile devices.

Required to complete some timed objectives and extended objectives, and a source of Friend Powder, it encourages you to interact with other real-world players, whether they are friends or those you meet when exploring different locations.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Congratulations Explained

Kudos allows you to recommend or like another player. Beyond the requirements of various Objectives (and their reward, Friend Powder), there is no benefit other than the act of patting someone on the back for having a nice campsite or selling you something useful from their Market Box.

You can see the congratulations you’ve received in the same place you’ll see your friends list. Select More from the strip at the bottom of the screen, then Friends, then tap the “Congratulations from” tab at the top.

How to congratulate in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

You can congratulate strangers or friends, whether visiting their campsite or caravan.

To visit someone’s campsite, approach them in person and then select the “Visit their campsite” option. For a friend, go to your friends list, select them and press the “Visit Player” button at the bottom.

When you arrive, talk to them again and an option will appear. After a brief applause, congratulations will be given!

The campers, meanwhile, will see that a stranger is visiting. He simply walks in, chats with the player standing at the door, and congratulates him. (Thanks to reader mr_bez for the tip!)

How to get friend dust in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

By complimenting, you can complete timed goals and stretch goals and earn Friend Powder, which is a resource similar to Wood and Steel to help you build specific types of furniture.

Two examples of timed goals and stretch goals with Friend Powder rewards include:

  • Congratulate another player in their camp (20x Friend Powder)
  • Congratulate a friend (10x Friend Powder)

Having friends on your list allows you to complete more objectives, so it’s worth sharing your friend code with others in addition to checking out the player camps you discover naturally when exploring.

If you don’t have friends yet, you can also get friend dust by completing animal requests.

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