Animal Crossing Calling Cards and Request Tickets in Pocket Camp explained

Animal Crossing Calling Cards and Request Tickets are two consumables in Pocket Camp that allow you to interact with your fellow townspeople more than usual.

Primarily obtained from timed objectives and extended objectives, these items can be used when your villager is not present or available, giving you more opportunities to increase your friendship levels and, in turn, obtain more rewards faster.

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Animal Crossing Request Entries Explained

Fulfilling requests is one of the main activities you can do with a townmate and one of the best ways to increase your friendship level.

Each Friendship level offers you new rewards, including the chance to earn exclusive clothing, as well as common consumables like bells and crafting materials, and the chance to invite them to your camp.

Requests are essentially fetch quests, tasking you with finding the required amount of fruits, insects, or fish. They are fairly simple to complete and an easy activity to do while you wait for other timers to run out.

However, you can only make a limited number of requests for a particular animal before it is “happy” for a period of time.

At this point, you can wait or approach them again and ask “What do you want?”, where you will be offered to spend a Request Ticket. For each ticket you use, you will receive three more requests while they are still in the area.

Gets ticket requests primarily from stretch goals such as:

  • Chat with one of the animals that visit a recreation place (6x Request Tickets)

You can also get them from other places, such as leveling up your villager. If you run out of Request Tickets, you can spend Leaf Tickets (the game’s premium currency) instead, so be sure to use them sparingly.

It’s worth noting that if there is an animal at your campsite, you won’t be able to use a request ticket.

Animal Crossing calling cards

While Request Tickets allow you to obtain more Requests from a villager, Call Cards are used to summon a villager who is not present.

If a villager has not been invited to your camp, they will rotate in and out of different areas of the map.

If you want to see a villager while it is out of rotation, press the Contacts menu option at the bottom of the screen, then select the animal and then Call at the bottom of the screen.

This will ask you to use a calling card and take that animal to that location for the next three hours. As with Request Tickets, if you run out, you can use Premium Currency Leaf Tickets instead.

As with request tickets, business cards primarily come from extended goals, such as:

  • Complete an application for an animal (3 phone cards)

It’s worth noting that if an animal is in your camp or on rotation, you can’t use a request ticket; just visit it.

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