Alice Capsey Height How Tall is Alice Capsey?

Alice Capsey Height How tall is Alice Capsey?

Want to know Alice Capsey’s height? Then read this article and get the exact information about Alice Capsey’s height. Alice Capsey is an English cricketer born on 11 August 2004. Recently we can see fans searching for Alice Capsey height; we also have the same answer.

Alice Capsey height and biography details are the most searched terms by users. People who have always wanted to know the height of Alice Capsey can refer to the following information.

  • Alice Capsey Height (cm) – 162 cm
  • Alice Capsi (m) – 1.62 m
  • Alice Capsey Feet – 5’4″

Now fans can find out how tall Alice Capsi is. To learn more about Alice Capsey’s biography, see the table below.


Alice Capsey


british cricketer

date of birth

August 11, 2004

place of birth

red hills england

Age (by 2023)

19 years old


162 cm



Country of Citizenship


Who is Alice Capsey?

Alice Capsey, born August 11, 2004 in Redhill, Surrey, England, is a promising English cricketer, with outstanding skills and dedication to the sport Spirit, has attracted the attention of the cricket world. Kapusi showed a natural love for cricket from an early age and started her cricketing journey at the age of 6.

Alice Capsey, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, is famous for her versatility as a cricketer. She is a batting all-rounder, a role that requires proficiency with both bat and ball. Her right-arm batting style and her right-arm no-spin bowling are a complement to her making her a valuable asset to any team.

Kapusi has played for several famous cricket teams including Surrey, South East Stars, Oval Invincibles and even Delhi Capitals. Playing in her inaugural season in the Women’s Super League as part of the Delhi Capitals women’s team, she attracted attention and showcased her potential on the global stage. In addition, she also lent her talents to the Invincibles at the Oval in the inaugural season of cricket’s much-anticipated innovative format, the Hundreds.

Her full name is Alice Rose Capsey, which represents a young cricketer with a bright future. With her dedication, skill and growing achievements, Alice Capsey is undoubtedly a rising star in English cricket, and as she continues to make her mark on the game, her Careers are worth watching.

real name

Alice Capsey


british cricketer

date of birth

August 11, 2004


Bridget Capsey

net worth


Chinese zodiac



alice capsea age

Alice Capsey was born on 11 August 2004 in Redhill, United Kingdom and as of 2023 she will be 19 years old. The promising English cricketer has come a long way since birth and her age bodes well for the potential for an exciting and successful future in the cricketing world.

At 19, Alice Capsey is undoubtedly in the prime of her career, with plenty of time to hone her skills, achieve milestones, and make significant contributions to her team and the sport as a whole. She represents the next generation of cricketing talent and brings youthful energy and passion to the game.

As she continues to grow and gain experience, her age makes her perfectly positioned to take part in numerous cricketing adventures, both domestic and international, where her dedication, flair and determination can shine. Alice Capsey’s age of 2023 proves that she has a bright future in the world of cricket.

Nationality of Alice Capsey

Alice Capsey is an emerging cricket talent who proudly holds British nationality. Her representation of Great Britain in the cricketing world makes her part of England and Wales’ rich cricketing heritage. As a British national, she is eligible to play for the national cricket team (commonly known as the England cricket team).

Her nationality not only determines her eligibility to represent her country in various cricket competitions, but also indicates her connection to British cricket tradition and history. British cricket has a long and storied legacy, and passion for the game is ingrained in its culture. Alice Capsey’s nationality enables her to carry on this legacy and contribute to the continued success and growth of English cricket.

As an English cricketer, she embodies a spirit of unity and sportsmanship that transcends boundaries, and her journey in the world of cricket is an inspiration to aspiring young athletes across the country.

Alice Capsey career

  • Alice Capsey (born 11 August 2004) is a talented English cricketer known for his skills as a right-handed batsman and right-armed spin bowler.
  • She has represented a number of teams throughout her career, including Surrey, South East Stars, Oval Invincibles and Delhi Capitals.
  • In the T20 format, Kapusi played one game and scored 39 points in a single game.
  • Her A-level career included 18 starts with 17 at-bats, including two strikeouts. She scored a total of 361 points, the highest score being 51 points.
  • In the Women’s One-Day International (WODI), she played 7 games and accumulated 127 points.
  • In the Women’s T20 Internationals (WT20Is), Kapusi played 18 matches and scored 412 runs, including two centuries.
  • In addition, she also played 7 One-Day Internationals (ODIs), making a total of 127 runs.
  • In T20 internationals, she played 17 games and scored 361 runs, with a highest score of 51.
  • When she makes her debut in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) in 2023, she will take a major step forward in her career, heralding a bright future for the sport.

Alice Capsey Ranking

Ranking is very important for sports players and we have got the details of Alice Capsey’s ranking. Alice Capsey’s ranking tells us how well she performs in her sport compared to other athletes. It’s like a scorecard showing where she stands.

Batter Rank:

  • Alice Capsey ranks 34th among hitters with a 36.9 rating, reflecting her proficiency with the ball.

Bowler Rank:

  • As a bowler, she ranks 49th with a rating of 12.26, showing her contribution in the bowling department.

Outfielder Ranking:

  • In terms of fielding ability, she ranked 83rd with a rating of 3.81, showing her ability as a fielder.

All-rounder ranking:

  • It’s worth noting that Alice Capsey is an all-rounder, coming in fourth with a high rating of 50.42. It shows her great contributing ability with both the bat and the ball.

ICC Twenty20 all-around ranking:

  • In the specific category of the ICC Twenty20 all-rounder rankings, she is ranked 141st with a best finish of 29th.
  • Her batting average remained at 24.07 and her 361 total runs in the Twenty20 format underscored her strengths as an all-around player.

Alice Capsey Records

Alice Capsey’s professional achievements are impressive. Listed below are Alice Capsey’s entire records.

  • International debut: Alice Capsey makes her international debut for England in July 2022, marking a major milestone in her cricketing career. She made her international debut against South Africa and showcased her skills on the international stage.

  • IT20 World Cup: Kapusi’s participation in the IT20 World Cup in South Africa has further cemented her place in the international cricket community, demonstrating her ability to withstand pressure on the world stage.

Career Statistics:

  • Women’s One-Day Internationals (WODI): She has participated in 7 WODIs and has run a total of 127 runs.
  • Women’s T20 Internationals (WT20I): In 19 WT20I matches, she scored 412 runs, including two famous centuries.
  • One-Day Internationals (ODI): Kapusi also played 7 ODIs and scored 127 runs.
  • T20 Internationals (T20Is): She played 18 matches in her T20I career and scored 361 points, with a maximum score of 44 points.

High Score: Alice Capsey’s highest score in ODIs is 44, although she is yet to reach a century or half-century in this format.

Alice Capsey Statistics

Check out the statistics below to see how many games Alice Capsey won, how many games she lost, and her winning percentage.

T20 stats:

  • In T20 matches, Alice Capsey has a strike rate of 108.3, displaying her ability to score runs at speed in the shortest format of the game.
  • She averages 39.00 in 36 balls and her performance with the bat has been consistent.
  • Capsey hit a total of 6 boundaries in T20 matches, including 6 fours and 0 sixes, showcasing her skills in finding gaps in the field.

Women’s Cup 2020:

  • In 2021, she emerged as the No. 1 run-scorer in Surry County with an impressive score of 134 runs.
  • Additionally, she showcased her bowling prowess by becoming Surrey’s leading wicket-taker with 8 wickets.
  • Kapusi continued to make an impact in 2022, taking 6 wickets in just 3 games while also contributing 41 runs with the bat.

Hitting career:

  • Kapusi played 7 matches in her batting career, faced 138 balls and accumulated 127 runs.
  • Her highest score in the format was an impressive 40, underlining her ability to control the innings and play impactful knocks.

T20 Internationals (T20Is):

  • In T20 Internationals, she maintained an excellent strike rate of 132.90, showing her ability to adapt to the international stage.

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